Fellowship & Family

Communities are groups of people in unity that have common values hence the word 'common-unity'. The communities that have been developed through House of Lights are driven by values that are rooted in Jesus Christ and His teachings. We ensure that we are constantly reaching out to people from different ethnic and ideological backgrounds to establish genuine relationships, develop a sense of purpose and vision that lead to collaboration for the benefit of others and, as a by-product, themselves.
We are strong advocates for emphasizing that we are one big family and we all have responsibility to ensure that everyone is developing as they should in order to be effective both inside and outside of the community.

How we achieve what was mentioned above?

HOLDI (House of Lights Development Institute) - that is responsible for producing biblical teachings that help ground individuals and set a standard for the culture of the community.
HOODS - We group people into "hood groups". Our groups do not dictate the context of our relationships, but rather, we have relationships and desire to meet in our spaces, whether it is at work, leisure time etc.
CONNECT MEETINGS - Meetings with the aim to bring people together to discuss what we have learnt, discovered and what we can do regarding out generation today
We meet in these two areas...