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House Of Lights?

Revealing the nature of sonship, reconciling the world Our Mission Statement

What is House of Lights?

House of Lights is a ministry devoted to the teaching, equipping and releasing of GODs saints into purposeful manifestations of sonship in Christ. This is done by working in and through teams, target groups and our assemblies. (HOL London, HOL Oasis).

The name derived from the concept of white light that has a spectrum of seven colours which by themselves alone or in any other varied combinations cannot produce white light, except when all shine together in complete focus and harmony. As Apostle Paul put it, we are the body of Christ and "members in particular" (1 Corinthians 12:27)

The Focus

Our focus is "to effect social-cultural" transformation through Discipling, Equipping, and Networking of disciples upon the principles of Christ.

We do this through our missions and networks using what we call "Response Initiative" which engages, disciples and equips people in specific target groups (singles, married, youths etc) with the goal of building godly communities founded on Christ.

Revive is a way we equip those in ministry and we also assist established local and international ministries, missions and churches to fulfill their Christ-centered objectives.

Our assemblies (HOL London, HOL Oasis) are the way we fellowship together and strengthen the Christ culture.

Our mission statement "Revealing the nature of sonship, reconciling the world..." is expressed through the following networks and communities.

The Ethos

What next?