Things you might ask...


C.O.R.E is a free, bible-based educational programme with the aim of ensuring that any and every person can have the opportunity to explore the vital basics of the Christian faith. Just incase you're wondering, C.O.R.E stands for "Christ.Orientated.Religious.Education".


As a believer in the Kingdom of God, it is absolutely imperative for us to have the fundamental priciples of the Christian faith. We believe this will iron out some of the misconceptions of the faith and rightly equip every individual with the right knowledge they need to move forward.

The C.O.R.E Curriculum

CORE I: Faith Fundamentals

This program is designed to help new Christians, who are either young in the faith or have been in the faith for a while but want build a strong and pure, doctrinal foundation for their growth. It has been designed to equip believers in understanding the most important basic foundations necessary to develop a Christian walk that is firm and upright.


"Thank you for all the teachers that took time and prepared excellent content to learn from and being able to apply it with wisdom to our daily lives."

"It is an honour to share what I have learnt from House of Lights"

"Taking part in the CORE series was an incredibly eye opening part of my walk."

"Liked the fact that it covered various aspects, required commitment Saturday mornings, just made me more interested in my walk with God basically more intentional."

"God bless you for finding time and resource to organise such a wonderful course. I will be glad if you could send me a link to be given to friends who are also interested."

"The course was very informative and good that we could interact and discuss. From this course I have been able to communicate what I have learnt to others."

"Great course! I pray it gets rolled out to different churches and will train up many teachers (similar to the Alpha Course)."