C.O.R.E Series 1

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Xplore The CORE


Xplore The CORE (XTC), is an initiative of House of lights to ensure that any and every person can have the opportunity to explore the vital basics of the Christian faith. In a simple and engaging way, it encourages believers to practise doing the word of God, since the doers of the word are blessed and not the hearers only. (James 1:22)


The true church is revealed by their fruits, many believers are planted with the word of God but not many are bearing the fruits of the Christian walk. We have found that the missing ingredient is effective discipleship, where believers are encouraged to live out the word in action, hence XTC.


Debunks Misconceptions - XTC challenges and resolves many misconceptions believed by the church when it comes to the foundations of Christianity. This is due to a lack of true study of the word. The sessions clarify misconceptions about salvation, the Godhead, baptism, speaking in tongues, the spirit realm, ghosts, demons and other intriguing topics.

It's UNIVERSAL - Many churches run discipleship courses that cater to the boundaries of their church walls and church members only. This means individuals graduate into members of a specific church system. This becomes useless outside of their church as it is only relevant to the activities of that specific church. XTC transcends the latter by focussing only on the fundamental principles of the Christian faith, meaning students graduate into members of the body of Christ with knowledge that will equip them for eternity no matter what church they attend.

Majors on essentials - Most literature used for discipleship in most churches focus on a few aspects of what is essential; many are denominational membership programmes, rather than course systems that make a believer an informed citizen of the Kingdom of heaven and also an effective member of a local assembly. XTC resolves this by majoring on the essentials of the Christian faith and is non-denominational.

Builds confidence - XTC tackles subjects that many believers are too afraid or unprepared to answer when it comes to our basic beliefs. It also strengthens the awareness of our identity in Christ; who we are and how much power we actually have as Christians.

Strengthens application of the word - The course will build you in knowledge of the word, strength in application and confidence in delivering. So by the end of this you should be able to go out by example and teach others.

Produces fruit - This means any believer can use it to enhance their Christian walk and see fruit as they apply what they have learned. This builds for a more exciting experience of Christ seeing words he spoke over 2000 years materialise before your very eyes.


- Healthier, exciting Christian walks
- More intelligent and knowledgeable believers
- Confident and outspoken believers
- Transformed lives
- Closeness to God
- A clearer view of destiny and purpose
- Signs and wonders
- Soul winning
- Angels Partying in heaven

In places where the CORE discipleship course has been administered, it has immediately improved the quality of fellowship and ministry within the church, due to its unique approach. The result is healthier Christian communities, but it starts with you.


  1. Salvation - Your new found life in Christ, how it came about and its benefits
  2. Prayer - The basics of spiritual communication
  3. Bible Study as a Way of Life - How to feed your spirit well
  4. Baptism of the Holy Spirit - The empowerment given to you to live the new life in the spirit
  5. Christian Character - How our spirits grow, and the characteristics of a developed spirit man
  6. The Spirit Realm and the Christian - The order of beings that we deal with constantly in the realm of the spirit and rules of engagement
  7. Vital Christian Relationships - The purpose and use of relationships in the Christian community
  8. Church Relationships and Responsibilities - How to relate with the church of Christ in a meaningful and productive way
  9. Water Baptism and Church Ordinances - The ordinances of the Church - what we are really commanded to do by Christ
  10. Stewardship - the real value of things in life and the real ownership of things; being good stewards of our persons, life and possessions in Christ
  11. Leadership and Influence - Who and what a real leader is and how we could use influence positively in Christianity
  12. Our Response - Introducing the believer to the outreaching, teaching and nurturing of souls in a communal context. Our aim as ambassadors of Christ to transform people, that can transform communities, which can transform nations.