Come and build with us

"...and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it..." Matthew 16:18

If you'd like to engage with us in any of the groups below, please click on the group and fill in the form.

HOLA (Active Disciples)

"HOLA's and Elijahs are the network of believers who have a desire to see the Lord move in our generation.

We're basically ambassadors of the kingdom from different assemblies (churches / communities and nations) working together to transform societies. It all starts with a conversation. "
Ify Alexis Ossai

HOLDI (Educating Christians)

"Education is at the heart of our development as disciples.
HOLDI (House of Lights Development Institute) works to provide resources and training to believers, churches and ministries to help develop their disciple programme and raise disciples.
You will learn how to be a Christian and how to partner with God in the ministry amongst other things. "
Mo Carter-Daniel

Partners (Contribute)

"The work of the kingdom is impossible without men partnering together and with God.
HOLA missions is possible only because people partner with time, talent and treasure. Partner with us by being a GIVER, GOER, MENTOR, or CONNECTOR."
Melissa Bolus

KC Community (Marketplace Discipleship)

"Kingdom Connections connects believers in the marketplace, and helps them form kingdom communities of mutual accountability fellowship and development.
The target group is focussed on 25 - 40 year olds (mostly single).
If you care for a mingle, and you're in the market place, and you love Jesus, give us a shout."
Melissa Bolus

The Response (Transforming Campuses)

"The Response connects and supports Christians and Christian communities (fellowships) on campuses across the UK, challenging them to be responsible for transforming their community on Gods behalf.
It's exciting, inspiring and engaging.
We're connecting students in over 10 Universities and desire to continue to connect more.
If you'd like to be a part of want to know what's happening, please contact us."
Bukunmi Olukoya

HOL London (Network in London)

"This is the future!!
The local assembly of young adults by young adults, for young adults based in East London with fellowships reaching Newham and the rest of London with the love of God. This is the place to be if you're a believer, serious about your walk, love to fellowship with other believers, and emphasize on practical Christian living.
Give us a shout, we'd love to meet you!"
Sho Carter-Daniel

Spirit Filled Marriages (Fruitful marriages)

"The stability, and the quality of marriages reflect directly on society, and determines what the future society will look like.
Spirit Filled Marriages reaches out to and connect couples forming networks of mutual accountability, fellowship and development providing support for one another through the stages and phases of marriage, parenting and the working out of purpose. It's one of a kind, and you'd like to know more about this, click the button below!"
Mo Carter-Daniel

Revive (Growing ministries and missions)

"Revive works with churches, ministries and Christian organisations, supporting them, in developing initiatives and being more productive in the work of the ministry.
If you're struggling in any aspect of ministry and its administration, we might be able to help. We've helped several churches set up their youth and young adult ministries.
Let us know if we can help by clicking the 'Click to Engage' button!"
Ify Alexis Ossai

Synergy (Connecting The Body of Christ)

"The body of Christ is made up of different parts that are supposed to work together in synergy.
We help different ministries, ministers, and missions to connect together for mutual advantaged and increased productivity.
Synergy creates the opportunity for the body of Christ in a region or sphere of influence to come together in unity of purpose and action.
If this resonates with you, and you'd like a piece of the action, click to engage!"
Lao Karunwi

HOL Oasis (Network in Buckinghamshire)

"If you're around Buckinghamshire and looking for a place to fellowship with other believers, we'd invite you to join us at The Oasis.
We're a very important part of the Community of believers in the whole of Aylesbury and we have a local assembly (in Buckingham Park) where we fellowship, learn and grow together.
Click to engage and find out more. "
Musa Magani

Midlands Hub (Network in Midlands)

Bukunmi Olukoya