House Of My Ekklesia

What is Home?

H.O.M.E is the way the House of Lights describes viable communities and colonies of disciples in regions. It is the broad term for the socio-cultural centres and active self propagating communities within and associated with the House of Light Network. To put it simply, it is a place or system of nurture and culture for those who share Christs nature.

One Household, many Homes

Christ has just one household (his Ekklesia) which consists of all the families of saints in heaven and earth.

Christ came to raise a large family (household) of Sons of God after his own image and likeness.

Christs desires that we relate as his family, scaling up until we are his nation of many family units. This was the way things were in the book of Acts.

Ephesians 3:14-15
For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named

Find Your Family!

There are many saints on the earth today who haven't become families yet. H.O.M.E protocol seeks to connect saints to families.

Each H.O.M.E unit is a family (with cells) we call this an assembly.

Many families form a HOME clan, many clans form a tribe, many tribes form his nations, many nations form his kingdom... You get it?

What does a HOME structure look like?

A HOME system has various units are:

  • Cell Groups
  • Assemblies
  • Hubs

The H.O.M.E Protocol

House Of Lights through Kingdom Synergy Alliance supports the development and networking of HOME Units locally, regionally and nationally.

  1. Develop communities and colonies of saints through strategic operations.
  2. Support bodies of saints in a locality, region or nations to synergy and become viable communities
  3. Facilitate communities developing into assemblies - governmental entities in the spiritual realm relevant in the socio- cultural, socio-economic, socio-political dimensions of their host society
  4. Makes resources available for the commonwealth of saints

How to tell a Good HOME

A good HOME unit priotises the raising, maturing, equipping, empowering and manifestation of the sons of God within their society.

If you are a believer and looking for a HOME, here are some ways you can tell is a good HOME.

  • The Administration of the Word must be Christ centered (it must always point you to him as Lord and encourage you to conform to his person and will).
  • The word must not be used to validate anything else except Christ.
  • It must not priotise needs, human opinion or preferences (whether it be the man of God or the people of the congregation)
  • The fellowship must have the capacity to receive you in love (as a MEMBER of Christ's body - not just as a potential congregation/denomination member) and challenge you towards a Christ centered communion based on TRUTH
  • There must be real perceivable potential for the growth of your recreated spirit, through:
    • Systematic Training and Discipleship in matters of the Kingdom of God
    • Discovery and release of your God given destiny within the Body of Christ and to the world
    • Accountability structures that exist to challenge every member to comply with the life of Christ.
  • There must be fruit of spiritual maturity(fruit of the spirit) in the leadership and Membership
  • Adequate effort must be made to intentionally expose every saint to the appropriate five fold streams, in the appropriate season.
  • There must be the within the home unit a recognition and understanding of the need of each saint and the place of five fold streams to develop, mature and equip the saints in the region. They must work in collaboration with other HOME units and institutions to ensure this.
  • All Ephesians 4 ministry gifts were offered by Christ to his household on earth, to build, resource and equip his family in geographical regions.

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If you lead a mission, church or ministriy and you would like support or help to develop your operation or to network with others and contribute your quota to the commonwealth of saints let us know

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HOL missions will only collaborate with viable HOME units. New or young believers, or those looking to join a family of saints will be referred to HOME units that we know the saints will be well cared for.

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