There is momentum in the spirit, The Ekklesia is transitioning from prophetic prayers to concerted apostolic/prophetic actions to redeem the land...

The ELIJAH company are the apostolic prophetic company of Kingdom operatives sent to bring back the Ekklesia into covenant and Kingdom.The ELIJAH movement is about Prayers, Prophetic action and Apostolic Occupation. We have a collective burden to serve our generation with Christ through apostolic/prophetic reform (see the post on Elijah Company

Find below an ever growing conversation thread on the Elijah company whatssap group (please send an email to if you feel you are part of the end time reformation corp) people on the forum are referred to as congressmen and congresswomen,  so the prefix CM (congressman)& CW (congresswomen) will be used to identify the different contributors in the conversation 

May the lord make us worthy of his calling

(Feel free to recommend those you know are part of this company, we would all work together to pray through a revival and make 100,000 disciples for our lord in two years)

God Bless

Eugene Adebayo Ajayi CM:EAA
A servant of the Ekklesia, called to raise and equip leaders in the emerging Ekklesia and a reformer within the established church.

CM:EAA (commenting on a post by another forumite)

Very apt topic for the Ekklesia in this season, we (Gods people and spiritual nation) have been corrupted and have perverted our ways before the lord

The Elijah company is mandated to restore righteousness and cleanse the the whole body of perversion

PERVERSION (pəˈvəːʃ(ə)n/) noun
1.distortion or corruption of the original course, meaning, or state of something.
"the thing which most disturbed him was the perversion of language and truth"

distortion, misrepresentation, falsification, travesty, misinterpretation, misconstruction, twisting, corruption, subversion, misuse, misapplication, debasement "a twisted perversion of the truth"

2.sexual behaviour that is considered abnormal and unacceptable.

"his book revolutionized ideas about sexual perversion"

synonyms: deviance, deviancy, deviation;

Just from the definitions we can see how it affects us, we have false worship and have intercourse with the gods of babel...

Tis a worthy discourse

CW:J Amen!

CM:L If my people who are called my name humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.
That's one thing we should do

CM: EC The first level of perversion is doctrinal. Matthew speaks of the logs in our eyes that must first be taken out of the teacher before the pupil. Logs are wooden material, representing idolatry or humanity. The doctrine of the contemporary church must shift from being people centred to being Christ centred. That takes places individually, locally and then inevitably globally.

Prayer must be coupled with a sincere love for the knowledge of God, in order to correct the eyes of the Ekklesia.

This hope we should all have, He has already determined the end from the beginning, Christ will have a glorious church.


CW:J Thanks for that scripture CM:L! Where is it taken from?

CM:L Hi Sister, it's from 2 Chronicles 7:14

CM:EC I believe impact manifests itself in three ways:

1. Individually
2. Locally
3. Globally

Individually - Personal devotion in prayer, worship, fasting and Bible study.

Locally - developing our immediate church fellowships, serving one another with our gifts, and encouraging one another in the truth.

Globally - the whole body of Christ in alignment as individual and grouped members are aligned with the truth.

As a local pastor myself and an overseer of an international church movement, I believe the change will start when believers build locally. Too many times people concentrate on the global condition of the church and neglect the local need for their ministry to function.

In essence, we build THE church by serving our churches.

Let us advance the global move of God by strengthening his work locally and individually to the glory of God!

Change is the prophetic end.

CW:J I absolutely agree! 👍👍👍

CW:T Completely agree Apostle E. To Judea, Samaria, the ends of the earth 👌

CM: EAA Well said gentlemen and ladies of this esteemed forum,
(sorry this is long🙈)

First of all... Thank You
I am quite glad we are intermeddling wisdom and grace. Conversations like this helps foster agreement which brings unity of purpose and action for the whole body.

We have five fold operatives and non five fold kingdom operatives on this forum. I believe we are all concerned with the restoring the standards of God within the nation of Ekklesia,

Our king will not show up except he sees his family on earth PERFECTLY manifesting his order, culture and his worship

We are all sent together to prepare the way for the Lord to show up! I hope we will be able to forge some sort of useful synergy for the kingdom operation within the United Kingdom (God willing)

Thank You Pastor E, quite typical of the grace the Lord has equipped you with, you have provided a spot on synopsis of perversion in the body and the prescription to cure it,

Which is:
1. Doctrinal Recalibration at the nuclear, cellular and tissue level (individual, communal, global ) to shift from error and align into truth

2. Revelatory Recalibration of the whole body through consistent prophetic prayers (to grant us collective "sight" to know or discern between truth and error accurately)

More or less this should produce the proper restoration and integration of the prophetic function (ability to see and know) at the body level (i.e peripheral sensing at the local community/church level) and head level (prophetic "eyes sight" at the apostolic level)

Nowadays we have the "sensing" at the body level (local body) but not actionable "sight" at the apostolic level (inter-community governance/operational level)

I may add one more prescription?

3. Apostolic networking/reconstitution at a systemic level (high level prophetic and functional integration and inter-action between the body parts to PRESENT the body perfectly functioning by what every joint supplies

And yes Christ our Lord has predetermined the end for his Ekklesia, and released the five fold ministry gifts within the Ekklesia to construct the predetermined blueprint code within the Ekklesia (within individuals and local community/church) so she can demonstrate it as his body.

(I think this is what Brother Paul the Apostle called "Wise Masterbuilding")

1 Corinthians 3:10
According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.

I believe The apostolic/prophetic recoding and building of the body must be as engaged, deliberate and precise at both the local and global level, to ensure uniformity at a cellular, systemic and body level.

I believe we should build from the local expression as was pointed out, I however advocate there needs to be networking and also building together on the global network with the same fervour and care... otherwise we have well developed organs that do not interact to become systems and cannot function within a general body context

So might I add to your summation?

We build THE Ekklesia by serving our local churches and bringing them into functional relationships with other parts of the Ekklesia

Change is therefore the Prophetic and Apostolic End (we should see it and we should all build it... Together)

If there is no synergy between the five fold and non five fold operations, we will find it hard to BE his body, at the very best we are his body parts... But not CONSTITUTING his body.

Proverbs 24:3-4
Living Bible (TLB)

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.

The five fold operation is both tactical and strategic in the building of an Ekklesia. Each of our local expressions is a part, altogether we are the WHOLE

(Thanks all for reading till the end😉 I hope we will have the strength to keep the convo going after this looong epistle)


CW:MCD Amen! The trumpet call for a uniting of the body has gone out!

I'm in total agreement with the what's been mentioned so far and let me start by encouraging everyone on this forum - Prayer is something that is highly underrated and is a key ingredient to our growth as a body! Please continue to persevere in the place of prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.


@ CM:L & CW:MCD,A very big yes on consistent powerful Elijah type prayers that reorganizes the heavenlies and births the realities of Gods move into our spiritual atmosphere

The atmosphere is the continuous medium of gases that absorbs and transfers the heat of the sun down to the earth.

Four levels of the atmosphere : thermosphere (closest to the sun), mesosphere,stratosphere, troposphere(closest to the earth). powerful Elijah type prayers bring down from the spiritual realm the heat of glory unto the very surface of human experience and then follows Elijah type actions to reorganize the sociosphere with a full five fold assault

@ CWs J & T

I am in agreement, the whole body must become Christ centered in community (not just in congregation), we must reflect him in nature, culture, lifestyle, mission and passion

As you pointed out, the instructions Jesus gave the Apostles (a team of 11 apostles with 109 Ekklesia congressmen) was to witness from Jerusalem,Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth

1. There was a strategic sequence of expansion (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria e.t.c
2. They were a team and all worked together. Establishing the Ekklesia is teamwork, a single person can gather a congregation, but it takes the five fold working together to construct an Ekklesia out of a congregation

the first 3000 converts in acts were "processed" by the 120 officers and congressmen from the upper room, and we read later the met together from house to house {smaller numbers} continued in the apostles doctrine {kingdom reculturing}

3. They worked together in synergy, they were colleagues who worked as a multidisciplinary team of skilled men with a common kingdom objective

4.They established an Ekklesial command base in Jerusalem and expanded the colony from Judea to Samaria e.t.c, they coordinated with other operations from the command base

This is the pattern...

Regional apostolic/prophetic strategy involving ALL congressmen and officers (five fold) carefully worked out by submitting our graces to our common purpose of discipling (systematic re-creation and re-culturing) of the people around us

We don't have this in our communities yet...

How can we hope to defeat our adversary and his strategy without superior formation, strategy and tactics?


Elijah prayed and acted

CW:J Thank you Pastor or should I say Apostle B😏
This is very enlightening! As you were saying earlier, it will be very difficult for the Ekklesia to form a BODY if there is a lack of synergy between the 5 fold and non five Fold operation. I believe that this is exactly where the problem is. Many "christians" do not know their function in the body. There is a lack of sound teaching about the five Fold and non five fold operations. Unfortunately many remain babes in Christ; not knowing that they have a part to play in the body of Christ. Also, the saints need to be equipped properly for the work of ministry.
Moreover, christians overall need to stop being selfish in their prayers. There is a deep need for intercessors...

CW:MCD Yes sis ... the power that complacency has in our generation is illegally high!!!

However, the solution is in our hands .... Are we willing to say
' Here I am Lord, send me'!
OR do we prefer

'I'll let you know when I am ready for you Lord'

CM:N All good stuffs. Thanks Pastor bayo and everyone for your thoughts
Travailing comes before prevailing. When we are willing and available, God will will do a new thing... The ripple effect is what we will see in our church n community. ..
On Tuesday, after prayers a comforting revelation come... an elder said she saw a huge num of ppl waiting to get into the church.... but it also looked like there wasn't enough space or ppl in the church to welcome them in /attend to them
Before this, it's been a struggle. When we prayed you could feel strong contention with forces of darkness. So it was encouraging to hear that message.
Just thought I shld share

CW:EM All of you are well gifted in writing and good thinking. It took me long to read all😊
May we rise up to do and then to teach, that His Kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven

CW:J Amen! Amen!
Thanks for sharing CM:N

CM:N Most of us hv been guilty in slowing God's move in our land... but thank God for his mercies and grace.

I believe for us to know the times n seasons we are in, means God wants to get on with what is "needful"

We are privileged to be counted worthy... The azusa street prophecy/ Charles parham's and a handful of other testimonies corresponds to these times...

Has God said it and will it not come to pass?

It surely will...

Like in Acts, there is an outpouring of the apostolic and prophetic grace and unction in these days.

My prayer is I am willing Lord, I am willing to be willing... bend me if you have to, mould me and use me.

Let your will be done in England as it is in heaven.

Pastor B plz don't stop... keep reminding us until we run with is remembering it's God's heart for our generation

CM:EAA Thank you congressmen and women (we should get used to the term "congressman/woman", it is the most appropriate in this season)

CM:N, I can hear the familiar passion of an intercessor from you, indeed everyone operating under the Elijah mantle must know how to litigate effectively in prayers

There are prophets, intercessors and prophetic people on this forum, enough to generate a "prayer storm" can the prophets/prophetic congressmen and women suggest a plan to pray and network praying, with the objective of making enough power available continuously for exploits?

CW:J you are right, and CM:N the message you got in your advocacy of prayers was right. The season of harvest is upon us but the labourers are few, now a labourer is a "skilled" workman. Skill is learned, honed by experience and in our case powered by grace.

There is need for systematic training of the citizens (every born again disciple) until they are competent to be enlisted as labourers, this is the job of the five fold ministry gifts working as a team, to prepare the saints for the WORK of the ministry... (This has to be done as a team, one ministry expression is not enough to perfect the saints, there must be intelligent cross-pollination of five fold graces to perfect the saints) This is what is missing,

spiritual maturity and perfection cannot be transferred or just imparted, it comes through systematic instruction, training, spiritual discipline and guided practice

So we need to
1. Pray (this we can start immediately)
2. Have our Five fold & non five fold operatives develop and initiate cross body systems to disseminate kingdom values and increase our capacity to cope with the harvest as a body
3. Strategic apostolic/prophetic missions to set up colonies of mature disciples in strategic places to represent the kingdom

So let the prophetic and strategic congressmen and women continue to adjudicate on this very pertinent and prophetic kingdom concern

CM:EC Sir, quite a few of these terms are a bit too heavy for the layman to understand. Would it be possible to simplify, as I feel the language may come across quite exclusive to a few who may understand the typologies and similitudes. As pursuers of unity, we must strive to bring the least to the greatest into the understanding of these principles. Just a thought sir.

CM:EAA Thank you very much for your observation Pastor E, I really appreciate that, and I quite agree with you that the concepts I have presented will seem condensed,

The truth we are communicating is one, but many channels and methods of delivery, mine is not complete... I will need everyones input to come to make it whole.

In the network where I serve I often need to work closely with teaching gifts and exhorters to help me simplify the communication at every level.

I usually have this sort of deliberation with my core team who feedback and then work with me to administer to others in teaching and exhortations...

May I ask that we all be free to ask for clarification or even help to re-represent any of the concepts to aid agreement and unity.

We cannot WORK together except we AGREE, we cannot agree except mutual understanding can be developed

Thanks once again Pastor Elijah for your observation

Let's keep the conversation going

CW:IO Thank you so much for this amazing dialogue guys! The key parts I've picked out is that:

1. The first level of perversion is doctrinal. This can be corrected with prayer (revelatory recalibration) and a sincere love for the knowledge of God (doctrinal recalibration)

2. It impacts us: individually (personal devotion), locally (fellowships) and globally (the whole body). We advance the global move of God by strengthening His work locally and individually.

Our conclusions:
- We need synergy in the body. The bringing together of our different gifts and graces to further the work of God.
*- We need Prophetic and intercessory prayer. "Travailing comes before prevailing"
- We need sound teaching and instruction that exposes error and sight deviations.
- We need willingness of the members of His body to say "Here I am, send me"

*might I add the NEED for leaders/ministers/pastors over local assemblies and ministries to come together and pray!

I guess my now question is how? What are the immediate next steps for us?

CM:EAA Open floor....

CW:IO We need precise administration ☺️

CW:TC @Ify - What do you mean by precise administration?

CW:IO Our next steps needs to be carried out/administered with precision

CM:EAA ADMINISTER is defined as to manage and be responsible for the running of (a business, organization, etc.) or to dispense or apply (a remedy or drug).

Will this definition help Mighty Mo & Miss IO😊?

I agree next steps NEED to be administered by a "responsible" team which should be made up by all of us who believe in the importance of unity and are willing to give it what it takes to see it happen

I believe the team should have five fold and non five fold officers (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors,teachers, helps, administrators and diversities of tongues)

It is my humble opinion that we have all of these graces represented here and in our different networks

Our works will show our faith, when we believe this is what the Lord wants now, we will make it happen

Shall we?

CW:MCD Guys ... - I hope this doesn't digress off the main point too much but....

Pastor B, you seem to have mentioned "5-FOLD and Non-fivefold operatives" quite a few times....

What do you mean?

CW:CA Sorry to have broken the convo guys.

I've finally caught up with all the messages, I'm in agreement with everyone. As to Ify's question (Thanks for your simplified notes)... id simply say the start is prayer...

It's great that we can point out the things that need to change but its not by might nor by power but by his spirit.

Every time ive thought about change or action Im heavily reminded about the need for the start and foundation to be prayer...

I'm also reminded of what we were taught about altars, and the importance of having our personal altars furthermore there is a great benefit of praying together with ourselves as often as we can. We dont have to wait for official meetings. We can simply call a sister or brother and continue to lift up prayer...

I'm encouraged by the hearts on here that also desire for change... 😊

CM:EAA @Mighty Mo
Five fold ministers are those who are called into the office/function of Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher, their work is to work directly on the saints spirit and mind and grow them from cradle (born again) to maturity (full stature and function)

Non five fold are called into the office/function of helps, administrators and diversities of tongues, these function to set up support systems to assist the five fold expressions to do their work of prayers and ministry of the word

Perfect collaboration between the two teams will increase the capacity of the Ekklesia to generate conversions and train disciples

@CM:CA, well said, let the intercessors and prophets on this forum show us the way, and help stir us to pray

CM:EAA Kingdom Connection is one of the many House of Lights "Synergy" initiatives. It is target at niche groups, it's thrust is kingdom and not church.

Synergy is about challenging the body of Christ to unite in purpose and action, by developing conversations, forging strategic partnerships, amplifying impact and generally having deep wholesome fellowship

The core leadership team for this initiative is drawn from several churches, there are several other initiatives such as university missions, market place fellowships and international missions that is pioneered and run with teams of fivefold/non five fold officers from different church families (some ministers on this forum are part of such missions)

This is the future, I can't oversell you the benefits, we are all men and women of understanding have the unction within us

I am posting this to encourage us that it is possible for more of us to work together to unite the body, let the mind Barriers fall away, turn your walls into membranes and let Christ flow through, we can create joint task forces to deal with body issues whilst not leaving our local work starved

cross-body initiatives will require sacrifice,humility, vision,passion and consistency, Jesus expects it of us, if we don't do things right, we will all give account to him at the judgement seat of Christ for what should have happened in our nation

Let's not keep the lion of Judah in a cage...

If all of us on this group alone were to decide to work together to save more and disciple more, no demon in hell can stop the glory that heaven will back us with

Truth has already been revealed to us, for him to be revealed through us, he must be constituted by us... We are his body

What does Christ in you want to do?


CM:EAA Hello Congressman Bukunmi😊Do you mind sharing a little about the Birmingham Response, it's challenges and fruits? And prayer points too

Also CM:N could you share about your prayer group?

Everyone on this group, feel free to share projects you are on that can inspire us to learn more and work together

CM:BK Ok Pastor B. Will do shortly.
The Response Birmingham movement was birth to awaken a generation of people in anticipation of the imminent revival, and to position them for maximum impact through training, instruction and discipleship.

We believe that the heart of God in this season is for his kingdom to be established in all spheres of influences including youth networks and Campus systems.

Our Response event in March saw a circa of 150 people gather together in agreement with God's revival agenda for this nation. In May 2015, we had an Ecclesia summit where young leaders and ministers where taught about the function of the Ecclesia and it's role in starting and stewarding the revival

In November we plan to facilitate another revival gathering, watch this space....

We aim to continue to Identify opportunities for strategic kingdom partnerships and relationships.

Prayer points:

We would like the saints to pray for strength to carry the torch in the midst of the chaos happening around us.

We would also like you to pray that we would remain consistent with God's agenda for our existence

CM:T Amen. Praying

CM:L Amen brothers

CW:MCD Amen!
Good morning family!!!

Exactly a week ago, God did something amazing!

Some of you may have heard about the CORE Series - if you haven't, it's basically a course that teaches people about the basics of their Christianity and is designed to encourage practical discipleship - The walk to being like Christ and living a life to please God.

It's open to people at all stages of their Christian walk and is designed to be relevant to all, I.e. no one goes through the course and remains the same 🙌 check ...

So... Exactly a week ago, 11 young people aged 11 - 23, from a variety of churches/assemblies as far as Swindon completed the summer term and 7 of them got baptised in water!

It's such a privilege to fulfil Gods desire ....

Matthew 28.19-20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

1st Tim 2:3-4. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

Many more testimonies to come ...All to His Glory!!!


CM:EAA Morning Elect Members of Gods Council

Thanks C. Tunrayo, C. Bukunmi and other Ministers on here

So now we have

1. A *cross body professional Christian network
2. A cross body prophetic apostolic movement in Birmingham
3. A cross body foundation kingdom discipleship program

I am sure there are other cross body operations active on this forum that will bring the kingdom culture into the 8 spheres of influence ...

please let's hear about them and encourage one another, let's have congresses to pray together and plan how to co-labour

There could be cross body prayers, strategic outreaches, discipleships etc

e.g Imagine having five fold ministers in areas of sports, an apostle/pastor/prophet/teacher/evangelist who is a football coach?

A lot of young people are interested in football, arts, media and entertainment, we have a lot of believers in those sectors but not many five fold officers, we have football coaches and enthusiasts who are Christians, what we need are five fold kingdom culture ambassadors who are coaches...

Lets network graces, ideas and wisdom. No single person or ministry can harvest a nation, but we all, working together can transform the nation in a fraction of the time, we are also less vulnerable to hells onslaught and better prepared to resist her strategies

We can all deliberately partner to make each other's expression grow, we can partner to help ourselves reach and disciple more people after Christ, there will be so many reached we will soon need to set up schools of ministry to train more people to labour

The interests of Christ compels us to look beyond the inconvenience to the fruit

I have been commanded by the lord to announce to body the need to come into synergy, so if you find me a little tedious I am just obeying the Prince of Peace, I am a herald and labourer for the same, such as we all are and hoping we will make the required transitions

(*Cross body means open to all believers and not focused on a particular denomination, ministry or expression)

Your fellow congressman

CW:MCD Thanks Pastor B! Phil 3:1 - Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things to you, to me indeed is not grievous, but for you it is safe.

Posted: Monday, 17th August 2015

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