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Pastor Eugene

"Developing leaders within the Emerging Church. Reforming systems in the Established Church. Reaching a point of Synergy!"

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Eugene Adebayo Ajayi is a church planter, author and International Conference Speaker. He's an Apostle by call with a strong prophetic and teaching gift. His assignment is to strengthen churches in discipleship and kingdom operations. He has a passion to see the church reflect the pattern of the Acts of Apostles in doctrinal purity, fellowship and power.

Eugene has over 20 years of experience in the ministry of the word under different five-fold expressions. He's served many years as a music minister, Itinerant evangelist, church planter, youth and young adult consultant, publisher and pastor.

He's the overseer of the House of Lights ministries in the UK. House of Lights has three assemblies in England, several networks, numerous strategic kingdom missions and ministry gifts. Some of the books and manuals he has authored include; The Battle we Fight, CORE (Christ Oriented Religious Education) Series 1 & 2, Aquilla & Priscilla, and others.

Eugene is one of the coordinators the Aylesbury Church Network within Buckinghamshire. And an associate of transform Newham To find out how he may be of service to your church and ministry, please click here to download the engagement proposal.

To find out how he may be of service to your church and ministry, please click here.

The House of Lights ministry is a product of the dealings of God with Eugene Adebayo Ajayi since 1998; God called him to help and assist His body to understand, engage and fulfil their purpose in him as an individual and as a collective. He has called him to help and assist his children to understand their purpose, engage their purpose and fulfill their purpose in him as individuals and as a collective.

House of Lights is a ministry devoted to the teaching, equipping and releasing of GODs mature saints into purposeful manifestations of sonship in Christ. Eugene Adebayo Ajayis passion, mission and operations in the last 15years has been to create means and opportunities for Gods children to come into full understanding of who they are in him, and to live a life consistent with that knowledge.

The House of lights concept is derived from Jesus sayings that he is the light of the world as long as he is in the world John 9:5, and after he left in Matthew 5:14 that we are the light of the world. In other words he is making us understand that we each constitute a definite measure of his light (his person). When we all become mature in him and shine our lights - together we will produce the effect of Christ on our world...

White light has a spectrum of seven colours which by themselves alone or, in any other varied combinations cannot produce white light, except when all shine together in complete focus and harmony. As the script says, "that the earnest expectation of the creation awaits the manifestation of the sons of God" Roman 8:19; When we come into maturity in his truth, and operate together in love, we express the truth about Christ to our world with our lives...That's what the world is waiting for! This is our strongest testimony!

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Churches & Ministries

He supports many churches in training across the nations. Both indigenous and black and ethnic minority ones in UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Africa. Church communities that he works with have been blessed with clarity, definition, spiritual growth, healthier systems and above all doctrinal and prophetic balance.

To find out how he may be of service to your church and ministry, click here to contact him and download the engagement proposal.

Coaching, Mentoring & Training

He spends 75% of his time with the emerging leaders in the body of Christ between 18 and 50 in the areas of relationship, marriage, ministry and market place transformation.

If you'd like to get in contact with Pastor Eugene, you can email him at pastor@houseoflights.org.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on the left hand side, or schedule an appointment by clicking on the button below.