This is a medley of communication from two officers of the Ekklesia to the Ekklesia by the spirit this morning

Chapter 1

"This happened in keele United Kingdom

Thankfully we have been praying about such and are glad no one was hurt

Revelations 12:1-17

The woman, the dragon, the man child, the water and the earth!

The woman was set upon by the dragon with ten horns and seven heads and seven crowns (not hard to guess who those are)

His goal to consume the man child the Ekklesia was going to birth, he failed! He opened his mouth and released great waters (people of Islam) to wash away the woman, but the earth helped the woman and swallowed the water and the woman was safe, the enemy then began to set up a war machine against the remnants from chapter 13

This is the season we activate this prophecy, the people of Islam have been released like waters (waters are often symbolic of people's in scripture) they have covered all the lands as a people groups who have been cultured to steal, kill and destroy (the Devils assignment) They are refugees in nations and are confident they will take over the world for Islam and turn everywhere into a caliphate.

Only the Ekklesia can stop this by the blood of the landand the word of our advocacy, let us pray that the earth will absorb and swallow these waters, that the dragons purposes will be fully frustrated.

Let's do our bit as watchmen and intercessors, the Angels will do the rest and cast him down from the heavenlies 

Chapter 2.

"Let's not be ignorant of Satan's devices". 2cor 2:11

-Division amongst brethren
-Pride amongst gifted
-Offense amongst leaders
-Distraction amongst officers.

These and more are tactics satan is using to prevail over a weakened community...
The enemy seek a divided system, they cannot penetrate a fortified wall, they cannot withstand a united kingdom.

This is why my plea has always been for a network support system.
Our strength is defined in unity in diverse gifting and operations.

In Epheaians 6, Apostle Paul admonishes us to put on the WHOLE armour to fight against the wisdom of satan.

One of the strategies Islamism would use in this times; she will infiltrate our assemblies just to cause division.
She will recruit men and equip them with false theology which resembles sound doctrines.. sounds good but not godly.

She will gift men and place them on pulpits to appease souls to dungeon.
She will raise structures and cathedrals, install her priests and priestesses.

Islamism will not come as we know, they'll operate similarly.

They'll look like us.
They will speak like us.
They will work like us...
They'll meet like us..,etc

But their agenda is to wealen oir efforts by first breaking the BOND.
Then they'll come into our camp to fight us because they have studied our weaknesses.

But until we build a rigid support system where we CAN discern, we'll end up embracing them, this could be pyrrhic.
She seek the weakest link...

Chapter 3

The spirits that channel Baal and asherah, are the same as false religion and occultism. Islam is the most aggressive form of false religion, all forms of false religion are a franchise of hell including false Christianity.

Jezebel is the the prophetic flow of the antichrist, The dragon his apostolic flow, they all seek to destroy Gods testimony on the earth by destroying his people.

The proliferation of the jihadis is very apostolic, they are trained to kill (service the altars) spread the culture (discipleship) raise false Ekklesias (social systems of believers called caliphates) they are networked having their base in Saudi/Mecca just like the apostles had a base in Jerusalem and spread across the world with he kingdom culture of life, they are doing exactly the same with their kingdom culture of death!

The demonic order has copied the strategy of evolvement, deployment and proliferation of the Ekklesia and mastered it, whilst the sons of the kingdom sleep...we need to shut him down now.

We the saints have control in the heavenlies over the created order, the authority of Satan and fallen mankind does not exceed the sun, the powers of Islam, false religion and the occult draw legitimacy from the zodiac, but he that is from above is above all (Christ) we are in Christ, this we can control the earth!

Joshua commanded the sun and the moon, the most powerful stars in our system (they control times seasons and events on earth) all baal worship, asherah and tanmuz taps esoteric powers from the sun, moon and stars but we have the sun of righteousness and the daystar😊

We are meant to use our authority (in heaven and earth) to command the earth to respond to the Lord and reject the enemies engagement, after all the earth is the lords and the Fulness of it

Always remember to shut down the testimony of the bloodshed everyday on countless altars across the world and give voice to the blood of the Lamb over the earth.

Also don't forget that civil leadership needs spiritual back up to be effective against unrighteous forces, this is why kings are always anointed by prophets, we give spiritual Dunamis to cause them to function, without this they are helpless, the Ekklesia has to govern he heavenlies so that the kingdom may be manifest in the earthlies!

To govern there must be
1.Maturity (only sons can govern not children)
2. Well defined roles and functions
3. Strategic formation of the companies civilian, governmental and martial resource
4. A common understanding,will,motive agenda and purpose which is tot plunder hell and populate our kingdom

 Chapter 4

What is your response?

Posted: Tuesday, 13th October 2015

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