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This blog is about things shown to me about the Elijah company. The Elijah Company are the company of Gods kingdom operatives being released in this season, the pattern for their operation is coded within the life and operation of Elijah the prophet, it provides a template for the current five fold revival and reformation of the Ecclesia in this time.

Attention Elijah Company!!!

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A Certain Prophet Elijah the Tishbite, the man of God led the most powerful reform in the history of the dealings of God with Israel.

Elijah enters the scene at a time where the apostasy couldn't have been worse, Jezebel had married Ahab, Ahab represents the weak leadership of the body of Christ, which has since succumbed to the spirits of babel, pride, money, power, lust and seduction.

Gaining legal access through weak leadership the spirits of Jezebel has polluted the Ecclesia, 'Ahab' has built her a temple and she has used the opportunity to betroth Isreal to Baal (for that reason she has been sent and anointed by hell).

She has discredited, and snuffed out the real prophetic and introduced a false prophetic system (a company of prophets that eats at her table. Prophets are the gentlemen of the fifth estate in the kingdom of heaven, (like the press in any nation) they are meant to act on behalf of the king of heaven without fear or favour of men, because these ones eat (are nourished) from Jezebels table they are influenced by mammon, divination and witchcraft.

The whole of Isreal then served Baal, Asherah and Tanmuz, under the spiritual guidance of Jezebel and her prophets so it is now! The whole of the worship of Gods holy saints is now driven by lust for power, money, contemporary idols, and a life of devotion to the earthy carnal forces.


We are currently in the days of Elijah!
Elijah in his day pioneered a reform which outlasted him...
John the Baptist came in the same spirit and initiated a reform before Christ came to introduce the kingdom of heaven
We also are experiencing the same type of reform now...

Elisha's advent was a type of the apostolic reformation, he represented and embodied a complete five fold operation, and from his pattern we can learn how God wants to roll out the end time reformation move.


The stage is set and the circumstances are right, 

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1) Darkness has covered the earth and gross darkness the peoples.

2) The people of the Lord are gone from worshiping the Lord to serving self, mammon and men (Baal).

3) Iniquity is abounding as in the days of Elisha and our kings are Ahabs, they have sold us to the world systems.

4) Our prophets are "profiteering prophets" they serve false gods and not the true God (their belly is their god!).

5) The whole of the body has gone apostate, the message of the kingdom is scarce, there is a form of religion but they deny the power thereof, it has been so perfectly executed.

6) Baal has locked down the nations to his altars, Jezebel his chief priestess, and satanic principalities advocate principles of false worship, sensuality, witchcraft, idolatry, his prophets are giving direction to the people through the inspiration of Jezebel.

It is a deep spiritual operation, legal and thoroughly rooted in the spirit through legalities of illicit but binding satanic contracts with Baal.

The people who were once the people of the Lord, have now been totally devoted to Baal! isnt this the state of the church the world over?


The Elijah Spirit enters the scene at this point to contend with the apostacy and restore the nation back to God, his role was to turn the heart of the children back to the fathers (the generational covenants wiht God). God always has a remnant prepared to destroy the works of the devil, Elijah came in the spirit of a full five fold reform, we will now go through the five fold dimension of the Elijah Operation to understand what God will be doing with and through the Elijah company in our days.



Elijah is SENT by God to champion this new reform, the sending dimension makes this an apostolic mission, he was a special messenger, sent to a specific people region, with a specific mandate, and powers conferred on him to initiate, implement, manage and sustain a desired change.

This change must deal with the "gates" of hell and cause there to be a shift in spiritual dominion, communal ethics and culture and the relationship of a people with God. This apostolic move was a reformation to restore Isreal back to her spiritual root and foundation forged in mount Sinai by Moses (another apostolic type)


What Moses was to Isreal is what Jesus is to us, both brought people out from of a kingdom of darkness and established them in the kingdom of God, they advocated a new identity, new covenants, new destiny...

Moses brought people out of a physical 'kingdom of this world, a kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of Isreal, Jesus brought people out of the spiritual kingdom of darkness into his own kingdom, the kingdom of light!


Malachi 4:5-6
"Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet
before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:
And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
and the heart of the children to their fathers,
lest I come and smite the earth with a curse."

Elijah's job was to turn the hearts of the Israelites back to the foundations of Moses, it would be the job of the Elijah movement to turn our hearts back to the foundation Jesus laid for the Church with the apostles

Elijah had a blueprint from the heavens, he knew what to do and how to do it, this was the apostolic dimension of Elijah, Elijah demonstrated the insight of a kingdom architect, he was precise in all his activities as he constructed the foundations for a new nation under God  e.g

a) He built the altar from twelve stones (apostolic government) representing the twelve tribes of Isreal (the fullness of Christ's government expressed through his Ecclesia), the stones also are a prophetic type of us as lively stones! we also are being built up a spiritual house, it is important that the body comes together precisely in fellowship and function, this is the work of the apostolic corp.

b)He killed the cow and laid on the altar ( a sacrifice of the flesh). this is a type of our sacrifice of our flesh as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God, which is our reasonable service.

c) He dug a trench around the altar (capacity and depth of truth) this is a symbol of our capacity to hold the revelation of christ, it depicts the depth of our hunger as a people for righteousness, revival and truth.

d) He filled it with water (the saturation of the word of God) this is a type of the our being full of the word of christ in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.

e) Then he asks for fire from heaven (a baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire) this produced a revival! if we on earth do things according to heavenly order as Elijah did, we will always experience a revival. the accuracy of Elijahs activity reveals the apostolic dimension of work, we can already see from the highlights above, what the apostolic core needs to achieve before we experience a sustained revival like the days of Elijah.


Elijah as a prophet confronts the apostate leadership, he demonstrated the authority of the kingdom as a prophet, he challenges the powers of Baal (the sun god) he engages warfare in the spiritual realms, he shut down the connection of the altars of Baal to the sun through his prophetic prayers. He caused the sun to shut down one of its main life giving functions ( the making of rain) he judged Baal and rendered him impotent and unresponsive!

He declares judgement and engages spiritual warfare at the gates, he waits for the effect to be seen and felt on the land, then he confronts the prophets and challenges a demonstration, they could not perform of course, because through apostolic and prophetic prayers he had destroyed the portals of access and disenfranchised the demons from their benefactors

The prophets invoked and sacrificed, there was no response! this is the same way religion will fail, the occult will fail as Gods true apostles and prophets rise to take action and demand the elements of creation disobey the demonic ranks, the warring apostles and prophets will control the terrestrial, the celestial, the aquatic, the elementals, the plant and animal kingdoms they will through prophecy detach the works of God from satanic use and cause them to be restored to kingdom service

We see Moses, Elijah, Joshua, Jesus exercise such powers over the realms of nature for Gods sake! It is a right of mature sons! Moses parted the red sea, caused the ground to open up and swallow rebels, Elijah shut down the sun from giving rain, Joshua caused the sun to stand still, Jesus walked on water, the kind of sons that will be revealed in this season will walk in the same power. we can see the power of Elijahs prophetic activity, this is the kind prophetic operation the Lord is releasing today, it will confront and challenge false systems, it will be radical, dynamic and effective.


After the demonstration of the powers of the kingdom before the people and the public humiliation of Baal, Elijah led the people in repentance and covenanted them back to God, he won souls to God that day, the whole nation turned to the Lord God of Isreal and departed from Baal, this will be the product of the Elijah movement, genuine revival! The people of the kingdom will stop serving Baal, repent of idolatry and cleave to the Lord God! the Evangelistic corp must be ready and prepared to engage the people once the apostles and prophets are done with destroying the spiritual structures that hold people bound and have set up the right protocols to reconnect people to God. Peter on the day of pentecost (fire form heaven) preached and 3000 souls got saved, this was the early new testament pattern of the Elijah revival


Pastor - Teacher
Mainly we see the apostolic/prophetic phase of Elijah's operation was the confrontation, the prayers and the prophetic challenge to dislodge and terminate the prophets of Baal and their service structure, his evangelism was evidenced on mount Carmel in bringing the people into repentance, restitution and reconciliation.

The pastoral and teaching were necessary to disciple the newly reconverted Israelites in the way of the Lord, seeing that all they had known was false worship, they now needed to be re-instituted in the order of worship, culture and lifestyle

There is a need for a revival of New Testament teaching, pastoral ministries to manage what the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic operations will birth.

Ephesians 4:11-12
"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:"

The pastoral and teaching is seen in the empowerment of the next generation of leaders which represented the reformed pastoral, teaching and prophetic operation to re culture Isreal in the ways of the lord. These were the Jehus, the Elisha's and the Hazaels that he was sent by the Lord God to anoint. lets look deeper at these prophetic types


Elisha's continue the legacy of Elijah, they do not deviate from the standards of righteousness but amplify it (double portion), they understudy the move to the point of seamless impartation, they are not just inspired, they have understanding, knowledge, experience and know how to ground the move and maintain it.


Jehus are apostolic and pastoral leadership that reform the governmental structures within the Ecclesia, they will deal with the jezebelic figureheads within the Ecclesia, they are able to secure the loyalty of the servants in the house of God to destroy the vestiges of witchcraft and the jezebelic operation within the kingdom, and according to the word of the lord, dogs ate up Jezebel, dogs are a type of carnal people who follow their senses and lusts, they are not Israelites they are dogs! They don't have the life of God in them.


Hazaels are the civil leadership empowered by the prophetic flow from the Ecclesia to do the lords work, these will reflect the mandate of Heaven and provide a mirror of what the Lord is doing within the Ecclesia, and these will do it outside the borders of the kingdom

Let us take all the time we need to meditate on how all of this affects us,may the Lord God give us insight to see where we all belong in the Elijah operation, may we be as successful as he was, may we recieve insight, passion and focus from heaven and I pray that we will be successful in our own generation, we will not let down the cloud of witnesses, I pray the Elisha company will rise in form and function to usher in the kingdom!

May the lord grant us wisdom!

are you part of this company?

Eugene Adebayo Ajayi

A Servant of the Churches

Posted: Tuesday, 17th February 2015

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