Global Operations

Uniting the Body of Christ in purpose and action,
reaching a point of synergy! Pastor Eugene Adebayo Ajayi
"The Revive Mission is a mandate to bring the Gospel to whole communities. By affecting the foundational, institutional and structural components of the society." Pastor Eugene Adebayo Ajayi

Operation Synergy Uniting the Body of Christ in purpose and action reaching a point of synergy!

How We Do It

By Developing Conversations, Forging Partnerships, Assisting Collaborations, Promoting Unity, Fostering Productivity, Achieving Impact!

House of Lights mission is assisting the body of Christ across the UK, USA (and other parts of the world) come together in Unity of purpose and action.

We all know unity is important in the body, our diversity instead of uniting us has driven us apart. It is time to bring the many parts of Christs body together in synergy, harnessing divine energy available to the whole body and acting together with divine strategy to bring christ from within the Ekklesia into the world.

Focus Areas
The future of the Ekklesia is with the younger generation We pay a great deal of attention to universities, young ministers and the established church. We work to achieve synergy within these areas with discipleship, outreaching, Godly relationships, development of in-reach and outreach ministry as our KPIs

We find the best ways to help them all to interact by developing partnerships and conversations between different operations to assist collaborations, promoting unity, fostering productivity and achieving impact impact within the body of christ and the world we are sent to, this is possible only if our God given diversity is utilised strategically to fulfil a common purpose.

Please click here to see the places we have been and read more about what we do, we are working in the london area, buckingamshire, west midlands, portsmouth, we hope to reach the whole of the UK with your help.


Our Organisation: Background
House of Lights mission is assisting the body of Christ across the UK, USA, and other parts of the world, come together in unity of purpose and action. Synergy is a global network of established ministries, organizations, churches and supporters, who purposely unite as one body towards the emergence of kingdom governance and maturity. The body (of Christ) is of one kingdom and made up of different parts that fit together for it to function as it originally was designed (1 Cor. 12). The diversity among the different parts of the body reveals the opportunity and capacity for each part to complement the other. However, this is currently the dividing factor that has resulted in sects, otherwise referred to as denominations, within the body of Christ.

Our Mission: Connecting the Parts
Synergy is a global community that brings together the many parts of Christ's body, in order to harness divine energy available to the whole, and to act in Godly strategy to establish the Kingdom from within the ekklesia flowing out into the world. In Synergy, we are building a clearinghouse where lives engage with the Word and each other, both online and at Synergy events around the world, all year long. We believe in the power of this united front to change attitudes, affect lives and ultimately, have impact on the world.

Our Tools: Methods and Implementation
Everything we do - from our Conferences, Networks, Fellowships and Outreaches are achieved through our various arms; OASIS Network, REVIVE Coalition, REBUILD, HOLA Network, ELIJAH Company, CEDARS Network, OLIVE Network, PETALS and PETRA Network, Aquilla and Priscilla, PRISM Network /Kingdom Connections - is sparked by the goal to reach out to and unite the various colonies of believers, into one body of one kingdom. Our agenda is to facilitate unity of the ekklesia through meaningful Godly relationships with one another, and in particular, with the younger generation (ages 18-35's) towards a kingdom mind-set.

In a view to attend to this demographic, Synergy is focused on: outreaches to universities; forming partnerships with established churches and the discipleship of young ministers; support communities; and spark conversation and nurture mentorship in the market place.

Partnerships: Participate
Synergy is an active global program with a network across London and Europe, United States, Gambia, Liberia and Nigeria. Driving the work is a global network of a team of people, working together known as Synergy Alliance. Every year we look for additional amazing change makers to join in. Plug into this vibrant community by applying to be a fellow, mentor or coach a fellow, sponsor the program, or explore the stories of growth and impact.

Impact: Testimonies and Feedback
Synergy Operation is the process of actively serving the Synergy Alliance to realise a harvest. It designed to be flexible, by adapting to meet the prevailing need; and scalable, in response to handling an increase in scope of a harvest. As a consequence, synergy operation is reliant on partnerships and technology to manage the harvest. Please click here to see where we have been and to read more about what we do.

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How many people do you intend to reach?

We intend to reach and disciple 100,000 young people for the Kingdom of God.

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