Dear HOLA's

Please see teaching schedule below. Please note that unlike previous years, there has been a change in the teaching system. As you may notice, there are two columns for TOPIC and two columns for TEACHER. Just as we did last term, Teacher 1 will be leading topic 1 and Teacher 2 leading topic 2. Please also note that support teachers are in training and so, please do not expect them to teach, unless, they request to do so.

DateTopic 1Topic 2Teacher 1Teacher 2Teachers in training
16-09-2017PrayerBible Study as a way of lifeCharmaineEvelyn
23-09-2017Baptism of the Holy SpiritChristian CharacterGiftyIfySimi
30-09-2017The Spirit Realm and the ChristianVital Christian RelationshipsChinazamToluAmaka
07-10-2017Church relationships and responsibilitiesWater Baptism and church ordinancesChinazamMelissa
14-10-2017StewardshipLeadership and Our ResponseSimi/Mo/ChinazamMo
21-10-2017Boot CampExamONLINEONLINE
28-10-2017EvangelismGraduation/Baptism/HOLA PartyALLALL

Author: Mo Carter-Daniel

Posted: Monday, 12th September 2016