The Oasis Network / Assemblies

"There shall be streams in this desert, an oasis of love, a citadel befitting for the king of kings, a people of prayer, power and praise, will rise to spread the sweet dominion of Christ everywhere...." Pastor Eugene Adebayo Ajayi


What it is...

An initiative of the House of Lights geared at community transformation through Networking, Discipling and grassroots Community impact.


The Oasis Network arm of the ministry is currently based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but its operations have reached Newham, Barnbury, Birmingham


Networking . Discipleship . Community Transformation
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Bringing together churches, ministries, ministers, individuals and families to pull resources and work to bring positive transformation and hope to the communities.


...the Government, statutory bodies and other organisations on projects that provide benefit to the communities. ON provides strategic support and collaboration to both governmental and local agencies on issues that touch on family, education, young people and the vulnerable.


Platforms have been created to engage in active discipleship and outreaching, with resources, channels that Reach, Teach and Nurture individuals from every walk of life and status, whilst being efficient yet flexible to meet and fit every need.

...Through Partnerships

There are platforms that reach out to organisations and churches this is in form of strategic partnership to deliver training, seminars, building and empowering sessions, questions and answers sessions via meetings, social and other forms of media.

...Through The Local Assembly

There are platforms that have regular meetings and take on the traditional church form, e.g the Oasis Assembly, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and the House of Lights, London.
(Please, see below for their meeting times.)

...Through Special Fellowships

There are other platforms that target people groups e.g Cedars Network (men), Olive Network (women), Petals and Petra Network (young youth), Aquilla and Priscilla network (families), and KC Community (market place) - click here.

Community Transformation

ON delivers impact within its local community by being on ground to assess need and getting involved in proactively providing solutions that improve peoples lives. we believe in the saying 'preach the gospel, if you must use words' we reach out to the hurting, disadvantaged, we provide practical support and help for pro community initiatives and organisations like community centers, the councils and local boroughs, the Police and local PSCOs, Neighborhood action groups. we join up with local church initiative and also encourage our Christian brothers to join us in our Good Work operations