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Mobilise and stir up the younger generation typically (18-35s) encouraging them to influence a culture Change within their spheres and plug into God's revival agenda


Within the HOLA Network, Bukunmi works in the Universities and youth network missions space 


Operation and Function

Bukunmi led the response operation in Birmingham and Manchester teaming up with other youth leaders and young ministers in the city to sensitise and stir up young people within youth networks and university systems.

Bukunmi currently Leads the National University Response, he is generally charged with development of a response in all the UK regions, managing and monitoring the conversations to mobilise and implement Conversation Preparation and Response (CPR) cycles. Bukunmi supports the team to ensure that Reach Teach Nurture (RTN) processes are complete and quality.

Bukunmi also Leads the Midlands Hub, a nexus and interface point where all the streams of ministry within and connected to the House of Lights is brought into regions to support the work of the kingdom by raising, training and equipping disciples and supporting legitimate kingdom operations.


Bukunmi currently works as a Quantity Surveyor/Cost Manager for a design and engineering company.


Studying, singing, travelling and watching movies

Social Media

Twitter: @OluBk