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Name : Laolu Karunwi

Location : East London
Current Assignment: A member of the Canary Wharf workplace fellowship leaders group 
Warning and encouraging the church concerning the last days this involves : 
  1. The fear of the Lord God
  2. There should be unity in the body of Christ 
  3. We should be dying to self taking up our cross and following the Lord Jesus Christ 
  4. Prayer 
  5. Seeing the Kingdom of God
  6. The coming judgment on the church and the world
  7. Understanding the great commission and God's plan for the world
History: Raised in a small East London church and the son of a Pastor. Lao has been around influences of Christ for many years but it was not alway his desire to serve in the Kingdom of God. After a year of trial during his uni years and time to reflect on his life, Lao was able to begin the process of severing the ties with the world and begin drawing close to the Father. Since then he has been keen to see the Kingdom of God operating on Earth and has been part of a number of initiatives to help build the body of Christ. 
HOLA function: Wealth and Media
Personal Ministry: Music Jam on Tour, 11th Hour Message 
Twitter: @LaoKarun