2 Corinthians 2:11
Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.








Kingdom Status Report

The world is in a trance, enthralled by the seductive embrace of the evil one.

The Body of Christ is beginning to wage warfare against the enemy's designs in the realm of the spirit, but is yet to launch orchestrated attacks on the soul-related realm of culture, or the realm of physical life in this world.

The Church, as it has existed hitherto, is at a massive disadvantage, because they are not yet aware of what is within them - the Kingdom of God. In truth, the Kingdom is at an overwhelming advantage in the spirit realm, as Christ has spoiled all principalities and powers, making an open shew of them and triumphing over them by the cross (Col 2:15). His work is complete, and He is now seated at the right hand of the Father. All within the Kingdom of God are bound for victory; there is no alternate ending.  When the Church comes to realize this, nothing will be able to hold it back.

God's will is to possess a Body, formed with precise order from many cells, tissues and organs, ready for the Spirit of the LORD to inhabit it, that it would become a living being. Elijah's altar would not have been consumed by the fire of God if it had not been assembled according to God's exact instructions (1 Kings 18:36). In Ezekiel's valley of dry bones, bones first had to be clothed with sinews, then flesh and finally skin before breath could be commanded into them, that they would become a living army. Adam was perfectly formed before God breathed life into him, and even on the day of Pentecost, the disciples were all of one accord (in peace and order) and in one place, together. Christ's Body needs to be assembled according to God's design, in order for us to fulfill our purpose in the earth.


Prayer Strategy

- Request that the Father would enlighten the eyes of understanding of His people, that we would see our citizenship in Heaven beyond our membership in local gatherings, and recognise the authority given to us to overcome all of the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19).

- Pray that God's Kingdom is revealed in His children, through the execution of His will on the earth as it is in Heaven. Pray that according to His will we would be one, even as Jesus and the Father are one (Jn 17:21). Agree with the agenda of Heaven concerning the precise assembly of the Body of Christ, that we would operate as One Man, animated by the Spirit of God.

- Pray that those who receive a mandate to act based upon the doors opened through prayer, would run precisely with it, and build according to the scriptural blueprint of God. Pray that the hearts of God's children would be open to anticipate instruction downloads from God - this is because prayer without corresponding action is wasted, even as faith without works is dead (Jam 2:17).



Barriers to Manifestation

There are four main types of barriers to the manifestation of God's vision for His Body:


1.    Barriers of Thought

Believers have become so limited in our thinking, that when God presents a thought to us, we instinctively reject it. Our minds are riddled with contrary thoughts, born of the laws of sin and death, and the laws of this world. Our downfall thus far has been to regard God according to our own parameters, to fit Him into our understanding of reality. We have developed a ceiling that we can't cross. It is transparent, in that we no longer even notice it is there; it has become our new normal. When we come to the knowledge of Christ, we are given His mind.



Tear down the limitations imposed upon the minds of believers, that our minds can once more conceive thoughts from God, and birth living fruit.

Pray that the voice of the LORD would shatter the strongholds of falsehood we have grown accustomed to in our thinking, that the soil of our hearts would reject seeds not sown by God, and that every thought would be brought into obedience to Christ.


2.    Barriers of Culture

The culture around us resists the thoughts of God. A culture is a system of entrenched thoughts, accepted as principles and validated through practice of a group of people. Although culture appears to have the loudest voice in our experience of the world today, in the spirit realm, the cultures of this world have no substance in comparison to the culture of the Kingdom of God.



No weapon fashioned against us shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against us, we shall condemn - Every culture must bow its knee to Christ.

We tear down the pillars of the cultures that resist God?s truth, and reinstate the pathway to God. Secularism, Religion, ethnic cultures, all cultures contrary to the culture of God's Kingdom, begin to disintegrate now.

At Pentecost Peter's preaching released life; it broke through language barriers, there was spirit-to-spirit communication. Pray that people are brought into the Kingdom through such incisive moves of the Holy Spirit, bypassing all limitations of culture upon the souls of those in captivity.



3.    Barriers of Life

Adverse experiences in the physical realm such as sickness, financial issues, violence and disaster hamper the advancement of the Body, by disrupting everyday life.



Command the crooked paths to be made straight for the people of God. Pray that the way is made plain for the King of glory to come in as He desires to.

Call into alignment the lives and steps of all members of God's Body.

Command that the earth realm begins to shift and shake into alignment with the agenda of Heaven. Decree that all of creation opposes the plans of the enemy and aligns with the agenda of Heaven.



4.    Barriers in the Spirit Realm

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12). As mentioned in previous communiques, there are forces and systems enforcing the progress and momentum of principles of false worship, sensuality, idolatry, divination and witchcraft, these tenets of Baal and Ashteroth worship promoted by Jezebel herself, that underpin the cultures of the world. These are to be dealt with in the authority of Christ, who has spoiled all of them through the Cross.



Col 2:15, Luke 11:22, Isa 49:24-25, Ps 10:15, Ps 37:17

Principalities advocate principles - declare them spoiled by Jesus' sacrifice (Col 2:15). Command the systems underpinning cultures of darkness to fail continually from now on.

Powers authorize and enforce principles - remove their legitimacy by reason of the blood of Jesus (Col 2:15, Luke 10:19).

Rulers of the darkness of this world govern the realms where the law of sin and death presides - Speak Light into their midst to blind, confuse and overcome them, and depopulate their jurisdictions (Isa 49:24-25).

Spiritual wickedness in high places are the demons working on ground to elicit local and individual effects - Request for a mobilisation of the hosts of Heaven to contend with those who contend with us (Ps 35:1, Isa 49:25b, Luke 10:17)



Kairos: The Timing of God

Our Father has penned the end from the beginning, and has prepared a role for each of His children to play in the manifestation of His blueprint for mankind. In this moment of human history, it is vital that we war with precision - doing the right thing, in the right way, with the right people, at the right time. The issue of timing has been highlighted recently in the Spirit; there is a rising willingness amongst the people of God to perform God's will, but our timing is not aligning perfectly with Heaven's itinerary. God desires obedience from us in His timing, not our own. Because King Saul decided to act before the time Samuel had instructed him to, the Kingdom of Israel was taken from him (1 Sam 13). If Aaron had delayed in executing Moses' symbolic instruction of intercession for the people of Israel (Num 16:42-48), the plague sent by God would not have stopped spreading, and thousands more would have died; even with his speedy obedience, 14,700 Israelites were lost. Both of these examples demonstrate that the 'when' of God's instruction is as important as the 'what'.


Prayer Strategy

- Pray for strengthened discernment of times and seasons, that we would know when to act in any given situation.

- Pray against the intended effect of the barriers of Thought, Culture, Life and the Spirit Realm, of impeding our movement in step with God.

- Pray for a divine alignment of our earthly activities with Heaven's timeline; pray that our steps, as Sons, would be ordered by the Spirit of God.

As the Wind blows…

There is a strong conviction from the Spirit that God is shifting the expression of His Kingdom into alignment with His original Design.

Ministry will no longer look like it has in times past. Ministry is defined as the ultimate mission of delivering the Kingdom of God to the Sons of God; it is warfare against the kingdom of hell. No longer will it suffice to pander to the whims and preferences of man, or even solely to meet the temporal needs of the people. Ministry will be a matter of allowing and disallowing, of operating across realms in the spirit of Sonship, and living out of the power of an indestructible Life (Heb 7:16).

Those whose hearts seek out the voice of the Spirit will begin to shift into this stream of grace made available by God through Christ, whilst those occupied with civilian affairs will remain in the conventionally accepted expression of faith in God and good works towards men. There will be a distinction of the Sons of God from those who are not Sons. This shift is entirely orchestrated and governed by the Holy Spirit, and confirmed by the Word of Truth; thus, those who desire to be assets for God in this must be committed to filling themselves with the Word of God, and to esteeming all things according to the spirit, and not to the flesh.


One Spirit, One Mind: The Standard of God

Our King purposed for His people not only to be of one spirit, but also to be of one mind (Acts 4:32-33) concerning His Body and His Gospel. God is working with increased vigour towards synergy - He is connecting the members of His Body, ushering His people into Christ-authored, functional relationships that will birth conversations and strategies that expedite the manifestation of His will in the earth people making right contacts and meeting together.

Synergy is required to establish and affirm the standards by which a community exists. These standards are to be a reflection of the identity of the community, and the ideals that they aspire to.

As a community, the Church is currently in a position where we are endorsing prominent figures in government, sports, arts and entertainment by virtue of their profession of Christ, with no evident fruit in their lives. We endorse athletes and musicians whose lifestyles do not speak of God in any substantive way, purely because they profess Christ with their lips. Even those whose lawless lifestyles we are aware of, we do not call to order in the name of "grace and mercy". In our House, we have grown accustomed to calling evil good, and good evil. We ask, "What can I get away with in Christ?" instead of "What must I do away with for Christ?" Self trumps sacrifice, comfort trumps covenant, and we find ourselves worshipping a god of our own making, fashioned by our hands, in our own image and likeness. We have embraced a veneer of Christianity, while our substance rots away. This is the image of Christianity that the Body of Christ is allowing the world to see, a vision of hypocrisy and idolatry. A.W. Tozer summarized this phenomenon powerfully in his book, Reclaiming Christianity: "If your life does not worship God, your lips do not worship God either."

How can we then blame the people of the world for attempting to define their own reality when we, the pillar of Truth, have effectively been saying "Every man for himself! Each to his own!" As if we were begotten without standard, without Source? We have allowed this to happen. We have shifted the boundary lines to fall in step with the culture around us, such that once patently ungodly things are now considered matters of personal conviction. We sacrifice each others' consciences upon the altar of relativism in order to accommodate our own lustful compromise. Many of the materials we accept as entertainment, and the interactions we regard as friendships, make a mockery of God, and desecration of His creation in mankind. But we have become desensitised to this, due to constant exposure to the impurity around us without the washing of water by the word, and so we defer to consciences that are already seared and hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. This is an indictment against the Body of Christ and each respective member. We must repent.

Conscience must be calibrated to Truth. If not, it will violate God's law, and will endorse a lie. Conscience is not an excuse for every man to do what is right in his own eyes. Paul described the true law of conscience by saying that even with meat, which is good for the body, he would stop eating it if it had the potential to shipwreck another brother (1 Cor 8:10-13). This is what the law of conscience says even about the things that are deemed beneficial in the eyes of God; with how much more readiness are we expected to lay aside those things that neither glorify our Head, honour His Body nor contribute to the establishment of His Kingdom here? We have to be willing to let go of these things, for the sake of one another, and for the reputation of Christ.

We have not been faithful to our identity and to our standard in the person of Christ. At this moment, the Church is reflecting the maladies of the world - church statistics on infidelity, pornography consumption, paedophilia and LGBTQ acceptance, just to name a few issues, have been climbing up into alignment with those in the world over the past 30 years. In a survey of the nation conducted in February this year, 25% of people who claim Christianity in Great Britain do not even believe that Jesus resurrected from the grave (BBC, www.comresglobal.com). Could this be why the arks of our covenant are being desecrated - because the Glory has departed, as we are living in contravention of Truth? If our Christianity doesn't affect our perspective and behaviour in any meaningful way, of what value is it to this world? This is a call from God to complete repentance.

We require a fresh clarity to our definition. Not merely personal conviction, not relativism, but instead: What has God said? As a people, we need to come into our place of identity and function. We must be striving to come into God's singular position of Truth, and affirm His Standard within His Body and out into the world. In the Body of Christ, God's Word is sovereign - not the wisdom of man. We need to embark on conversations to correct our collective conscience as one Man, casting down imaginations and bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. The prevailing viewpoint in these conversations must always be Christ's - else, we cannot be identified as His Body.

Who is prepared to come up to the next level in God? Who will ascend the hill of the LORD, or stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart. God looks down upon the earth, to see if there are any who understand, any who seek Him. He is looking for ones such as these.


Fiery Darts of the Enemy

Material possessions, finances, relationships and physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing are being targeted by our adversary as means to inspire personal distraction amongst the children of God who are growing into manifestation as mature Sons. Satan has determined that if he cannot deter us from the cause of Christ by deception at the frontline, he will endeavour to distract us from the upward call of Christ by waging the ground warfare of fear, exhaustion and discouragement in our compounds.

That Satan has devised to employ such strategies against a people speaks to the truth that such people constitute a real and present threat to his regime. Satan is not frivolous concerning his resources; he learned from God to divert attention to the area of most need. Satan will raise attacks commensurate to the weight of glory set before the Sons of God. This is his method, and this is our joy - for would Satan reveal his distress in this way if we were not on the brink of the spiritual revolution God has so desired for this nation? Power is about to change hands, and the devil is not known for going down without a fight.

To live is Christ, and to die is gain (Phil 1:21). Those who seek the Lord - who reverently pursue His person and His interests - shall lack no good thing (Ps 34:10). Our Father works all things together for our good (Rom 8:28) - we cannot lose. No matter the degree or area of lack, Jehovah Jireh will provide (Gen 22:7-14, Phil 4:19). This is our profession of faith concerning the hardships of our lives. We must quench these fiery darts of the enemy by holding up our shields of faith, deciding to focus on He whom we have believed, and are persuaded that He is able to keep that which we have committed unto Him until the Day He takes us Home (2 Tim 1:12). All that we are, and all that we have, is only ours to steward for a time. We belong to Him, and we must constantly surrender our lives to His sovereignty and mercy, to govern as He pleases, for the glory of His name. In Christ, no affliction besets us except that which He permits for our perfecting; with regards to distraction, these are permitted only insofar as they fortify our determination to press on toward the goal to win the prize set before us: the establishment of God's Kingdom here on earth. Therefore, what Satan has intended for evil, God has intended for good, to save lives (Gen 50:20).

We must fix our focus resolutely upon Christ, and His purposes in this season, so that we can remain effective in this War for the Light. We must set our faces like a flint concerning the civilian affairs around us; we know Whom we have believed, and we know that we shall not be ashamed.



Prayer Strategy

- Genuinely repent on behalf of yourself and the Body of Christ (Dan 1:1-19). Plead for mercy, turn from all that displeases God, and dedicate your life to Him afresh. Pray Ps 139:23-24 and Ps 26:2.

- Agree with and affirm God's eternal purposes, global purposes, regional purposes and local purposes concerning the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

- Ask God to wash our eyes with salve, correct our vision, and recalibrate our consciences to Truth to eliminate Laodicean lukewarmness. Ask that He would grant us the zeal and the grace to jealously steward our consciences for Him.

- Ask for wisdom, insight, knowledge and understanding to recognize and address areas of our collective conscience as a Body that require recalibration.

 - Relevance is the degree to which something is applicable to what is happening at a given time. Pray for the Body of Christ to seek its relevance in being what the world needs at this present time: Salt and Light (Matt 5:13-16).

- Pray for the leaders in the Body of Christ - for deep revelations of God, for courage, divine wisdom, uncompromising consecration and obedience, strength, boldness, consistency, and that the zeal for God's house would consume them. Pray for Davids to arise and administrate leadership of our nation without compromise, and with the fear of the Lord.

- Pray for absolute precision in the emerging Body of Christ; a conviction in God's servants to build upon no other foundation than Christ, and a willingness to cast down monuments built in any other name, in order to rebuild in righteousness.

- Pray for strength to rise amongst those ascribing to Truth in the many regions of the Body of Christ, that they would be filled with boldness and utterance from the Holy Spirit to proclaim and fight for the Truth to be manifest in their local communities, and for the accurate representation of Christ on Earth.

- Pray for the members of Christ's Body to arise in their identity, and be made evident to one another, that the Body would aggregate, and live as One Man.

- Call permanent destruction upon the plans and works of the enemy to divide the Body against itself - destroy strongholds of pride, jealousy, hatred and strife.

- Pray for the resolve to persevere, and to be unrelenting. Pray for the spiritual fortitude to pray fervently and constantly through all of the matters raised by the Holy Spirit in these Prayer Communiques, persevering herein until we experience the salvation of the nations as promised in God's Word.




Theresa May & The UK

Foiled Terror Attacks

Disasters and Bloodshed in the UK & Abroad

African Migrant Crisis And Slave Trade In Libya

Acid Attacks in the UK

Islamic National Agenda

LGBTQ National Agenda (including attacks on future generations) 

Seasonal Festivals 2017

International Relations & Nuclear Threat

Ongoing Territorial Issues




A trusted intercessor received this call from the Lord:

?Just after midnight I heard these words in the realm of the Spirit going forth over the Nation of the United Kingdom, ?Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!? 

As I began to pray immediately the Holy Spirit gave me a heavy burden to pray for Prime Minister Theresa May. Now as I prayed in the Spirit I was shown clearly the Houses of Parliament and Number 10 Downing Street and then again I heard a clear distress call going forth over the Nation saying, ?Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!? As I listened I heard that the call was coming from within these two locations, (Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing Street), so I pressed in deeper then suddenly I saw these words being written over the Nation, ?REBELLION RISING?, then I heard a loud trumpet sound and I heard these words echo in the realm of the Spirit: ?The Trumpet Calls you to a Holy and righteous fight for such a time as this!?


- Stand in the gap for the UK, to release it from the spirit of rebellion that is rising up against the will of the Lord and to release the UK from the grip of the controlling spiritual powers within the European Union. Many members of parliament are being hoodwinked into believing that to remove our prime minister would change the course of God?s will for our nation.

- It is time not only to resist this rebellious spirit, but to stand firm against it. Declare in the spirit realm that this unholy alliance created by spiritual forces which is manipulating MPs will be bound according to the word and the will of the Lord.

- Pray that MPs would be free to choose without being under the control of any evil spiritual powers. 

- Ask for the Holy Spirit to lovingly convict MPs of righteousness, according to the Word.

- Pray for wisdom and protection from above to encompass those in authority in our nation.


The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has revealed that nine major terrorist attacks comparable in scale and severity to Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge have been averted so far this year, some with minutes to spare before destruction would have been wrought in the nation.

Pipe bomb and grenade plots have been intercepted, aircraft hijacking plots have been disrupted, several individuals carrying bags of machetes and miscellaneous heavy artillery have been apprehended in our streets, and groups planning terrorist activity have been exposed and prosecuted across the UK. In the wake of the terror plots in Barcelona and Cambrils in August, the perpetrators confessed to having formulated far more devastating plots, which had been thwarted. In these latter two attacks, it was a sequence of subway bomb blasts that had been planned, not vehicle rammings. Many hundreds would have died, had a fatal freak accidental explosion not occurred at their base of operations on the outskirts of town, killing two terrorists and threatening to blow their cover the night before the planned attacks.

The past two months have seen several thwarted attempts on the lives of Underground commuters in London, prevented not only through human intervention, but also through failed devices and disrupted communications.

Glory be to the LORD of Hosts! Our prayers are actively being heard, and they are availing much; God Himself is responding to the cry of His citizens, and the agenda of the enemy is being thwarted. Be encouraged, brothers-in-arms - the gates of Hell will not prevail against us. Our duty is to remain steadfast in prayer, faith and corresponding action, to see our King's will established here as it is in Heaven. Let us keep the pressure on, and not become weary; we will reap a harvest in due season, if we do not give up.



Mass Shootings

Two widely reported mass shootings have occurred on American soil in the past two weeks; 26 people including an unborn child were killed, and 20 injured during a Sunday church service in Texas on November 5th, and on November 14th, 4 people were killed with 10 injured, including two children, when a gunman opened fire in his Californian neighbourhood, killing his wife and two neighbours, before driving through his town and randomly targeting motorists. He stopped at the local elementary school and sprayed the building with his semiautomatic weapon before turning back after failing to gain entry to the classrooms.

The latest shooting is the 316th mass shooting (defined as a shooting resulting in at least 4 casualties or fatalities) in the US as of Tuesday, the 318th day of 2017, according to America's Gun Violence Archive. This averages out to almost 1 bloodbath per day.

These atrocities follow the events of October 1st, when a lone gunman opened fire on concertgoers on the Las Vegas Strip, killing 58 people and leaving 489 injured. This was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.


Of the psychology behind mass killings, Benedict Carey of the New York Times writes, "…Most mass murderers instead belong to a rogue's gallery of the disgruntled and aggrieved, whose anger and intentions wax and wane over time, eventually curdling into violence in the wake of some perceived humiliation.

"In almost all high-end mass killings, the perpetrator's thinking evolves," said Kevin Cameron, executive director of the Canadian Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response. "They have a passing thought. They think about it more, they fantasize, they slowly build a justification. They prepare, and then when the right set of circumstances comes along, it unleashes the rage."

"This evolution proceeds rationally and logically, at least in the murderer's mind. The unthinkable becomes thinkable, then inevitable."

The hearts of mankind are being enticed with thoughts of violence and bloodshed.

In a recent study of 2015/16 cases reported to Prevent, the UK's anti-radicalisation programme, it was found that amongst those groups suspected of aligning with Islamist extremism or right-wing extremism, a new pattern emerged: "a significant proportion could not be put into one category because of a more general "propensity towards mass murder and violence" that covers several groups."

In both of the most recent mass shootings, brewing personal disputes were cited as one of the major precipitating factors leading to the murders - the Texan church was the shooter's mother-in-law's place of worship; the Californian shooter was found to have murdered his wife the night before the spree, and his murdered neighbours had complained to authorities of longstanding conflict and threats made against them by the shooter. These focused grievances multiplied in the hearts of the killers, giving rise to widespread, indiscriminate carnage. 

The carnal mind, being hostile to God (Rom 8:7), is fertile ground for seeds of death; fertilised by anger, offence and pride, and unhindered by Love, these seeds are given time to grow to full maturity, eventually bearing the fruit of destruction.


Vehicle vs Pedestrian Incidents

On October 31st (Halloween), eight people were killed when a truck was driven deliberately into cyclists and pedestrians on the streets of New York. The next day in London, four people were injured when a taxi accidentally mounted the pavement, pinning some to the ground in Covent Garden. Intentional and unintentional vehicle collision incidents have been claiming lives in the UK and across Europe. Car rammings have escalated across Europe as a weapon of mass murder in Europe over the past year; vehicle-related terror attacks in London and Europe have caused indiscriminate loss of life, psychological trauma and widespread fear in the Western world. In August alone, there have been four such incidents in Europe. Cars and vans in themselves are easily accessible, making imminent attacks difficult to anticipate or intercept. In light of recent incidents, many Western nations have begun to tighten up their car hire regulations to address this.


Gun and knife attacks and murders have also been occurring with unusual brazenness across London, with a triple stabbing outside Parsons Green Station in October. Knife crime in particular is rising across the UK, with a significant proportion of offences perpetrated by teenagers. The cycle of violence and retaliation, fuelled by anger and fear, is claiming a steady stream of casualties and fatalities in our communities.


Natural Disasters

Three people have died, schools and businesses closed, and thousands are now without electricity and running water in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia, which hit Ireland and the West Coast of England last month. The sky was turned a sepia hue with Saharan dust and debris from the forest fires of Spain and Portugal flung into our stratosphere by the tropical storm. This storm occurred exactly thirty years after the Great Storm of 1987, which saw 18 people lose their lives in the UK.

Hurricane Harvey, the Category 4 hurricane that tore through Texas, and Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the category 5 Caribbean-bound hurricanes that quickly succeeded it, led to a combined death toll of at least 142 people, as well as the destruction of national infrastructures with hundreds of thousands left without electricity and running water, and up to 90% of buildings destroyed.

On the same day as Hurricane Maria, Central Mexico was rocked by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, leaving at least 230 dead, on the exact anniversary of the 1985 Mexico earthquake, which killed thousands. Hours later, both Japan and New Zealand experienced magnitude 6.1 undersea earthquakes just off the coasts of both countries. Tremors were felt inland, but no tsunami warnings have been issued at this point.

The Atlantic hurricane season, the period of the year during which conditions favour the formation of hurricane and devastating tropical storms, is usually in the period between June 1st and November 30th.



The devil is waging war through barriers of life, with the aim of making it increasingly difficult for people to seek God and develop faithfulness towards Him. This strategy is demonstrated in Satan's dealings with Job - to disprove Job's commitment to God and to shipwreck his faith, Satan attacked him with violence (massacre of his servants by the Sabeans and Chaldeans), natural disaster (fire falling from heaven consumed his sheep and more servants, desert storms destroying property), freak accidents (building collapse due to storm causing death of all of his children), famine (depletion of wealth), and pestilence (illness).

Just as political will can affect the liberty of people to seek God, natural disasters, violence, freak accidents and pestilence (disease and epidemics) can distract and hinder souls from beginning or continuing their pursuit of Christ, through the immediate distraction of the event itself and the logistical hindrances to connecting with community, and the medium- and long-term trauma, discouragement, depression and the grief of multifaceted loss that afflicts many survivors; in Sierra Leone, for instance, entire communities are still facing the horror of clearing earth littered with bodies after the mudslides that displaced over 2000 people from their homes and killed an estimated 1,300 people.

This being said, the recent afflictions encountered by America and other nations are very likely to be more complex than pure satanic activity. In all likelihood, recent events represent a combination of the righteous judgment of God, and demonic opportunism. People of the world have walked in rebellion against God on a global scale, and as peoples are reckoned according to their nations, as in the days of old, nations receive corporate judgment from God. It is interesting to note, for instance, in light of the recent injustices dealt toward black and ethnic minority groups in the US, that the winds which snowballed into Hurricanes Irma and Harvey originated along the coast of West Africa, and travelled along the same routes that slave traders sailed to carry Africans into slavery in the West. The dealings of God with a nation often differ from His handling of His people within that nation (Ex 12:12-13), so this must be taken into account in prayer. Satan knows that His time is short, and he pours out the wrath of his loss upon the creation of God, taking every opportunity he comes across to inspire fear, doubt and despair in hearts of men, especially those redeemed of God (Rev 12:12).

Miscellaneous bloodshed in the UK was covered previously in Communique 3. In light of recent events, a brief review of the spiritual principle is useful for our unity of mind.

Bloodshed is a means by which the kingdom of darkness legitimises its evil covenants concerning mankind; the blood of the slain, whether shed through natural, accidental or intentional means, is offered (upon spiritual altars) as a sacrifice to the demonic forces that sponsor that ideology.

Covenants are legally affirmed, legitimised and deemed enforceable through the sacrifice of bloodshed; in a sense, the blood bears witness to the proposed covenant, granting it credence. These empowered covenants create access points (gates) through which the emissaries of hell gain entry into the human experience. Our prayers so far have deprived Hell of the spiritual potential of the blood already shed. This is why these freak incidents are occurring - Satan is desperate for blood. If not countered with the blood of Christ, these continued sacrifices would speak for the purposes of Hell, so that Satan's will would be done on earth as it is in Hell…


Prayer Strategy

Luke 21:25-26:

"There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. 26People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. 27At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near."

- Pray for the mercy of God upon America, the UK, and the nations of the world. It gives God no pleasure to see even the wicked perish; He desires that they would repent, and live (Ez 18:23). Pray for the Children of Light to recognize and maximize their God-given opportunities to shine into the darkness and set the captives free.

- Shut down and prohibit all events and incidents in the earth not authorized by Heaven. By the power of the Holy Spirit, frustrate the schemes for all incidents that would result in unnecessary loss of life, destruction of resources, the instigation of chaos, fear and despair in the hearts of man, and distraction of mankind from the call of God to repentance, reconciliation and sonship.

- Resist the spiritual operations of pride, anger and bitterness upon the hearts of men and women; call for healing of the soil of their hearts (2 Chron 7:14).

- Disallow violence, pestilence or natural disasters designed to disrupt the advancement of Kingdom culture. Shut down the agenda of darkness to disrupt times and seasons.

- Ban miscellaneous bloodshed in the land by all means - acid, gun and knife, vehicles, 'natural' disasters and freak accidents - that Satan instigates to legitimise covenants and generate power for the kingdom of darkness, in line with the detail above. Disarm the weapons of the enemy according to Isa 54:17 ? defuse all bombs, empty all guns, break all swords, neutralise all acid, and confuse all speech and divide all tongues involved in the incitement of terror in this land.

- Bind up the operations of the enemy intending to fill people with fear, doubt and despair, and to lead them to distraction from the voice of God. Disallow the execution of such plans, and disappoint these devices of the wicked (Job 5:12).

- Counteract the voice of the blood already shed with the covenantal blood of Jesus, which speaks better things than the blood of Abel. Plead the blood of Jesus over every place where there has been bloodshed in Europe.

- Command that the blood of the slain does not speak to empower the covenants between the earth with the kingdom of hell, and decree that the contracts of death and destruction agreed upon in darkness be emptied of all power, legitimacy and authority.

- Shut down the gates erected over such altars, and resist the enemy concerning the affected ad targeted areas of the US, UK and Europe, that his plans to dominate therein would be brought to naught.

- Pray that these events would turn the hearts of men toward the Father, and not away from Him. That by virtue of these happenings, souls would be stirred to seek God, and find Him.

- Pray for the light of God in the members of His Body to shine through the darkness of these events; that the glory of the Lord would rise upon the thick darkness of the earth, drawing nations unto Him (Isa 60:1-3). Pray for the souls affected by all of the incidents discussed above, that God would reach through His people to comfort them in their suffering, that they might encounter His Love for them, and be saved.


Pre-Emptive Targets:

Annual Atlantic Hurricane Season: June 1st - November 30th


Prayer Strategy

- Pray according to the Prayer Strategy above, specifically addressing natural disasters.

- The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof. Decree that all of creation - everything above the earth, on the earth, in the earth and under the earth - opposes the enemy's plans and aligns with the agenda of Heaven. Command every element to contend against those opposing God's will on earth (Job 20:27).


The past decade has seen a steady increase in African nationals undertaking life-threatening journeys from their home nations to reach Europe in hopes of a better life. People smugglers are often handsomely paid to exploit this desperation, but the harsh reality is that many of these migrants do not make it to the West. Death is common on the journey through the Sahara and Murzuq deserts, with migrants succumbing to dehydration or hypothermia, being left to die after falling off transit trucks, or simply being killed by smugglers.

Libya is a major nexus point for most major trafficking routes into Europe via Sicily. Once migrants reach Libya, the chances of safe arrival in Europe dwindle rapidly. Since the death of former prime minister Col. Muammar Gaddafi in 2010, Libya has suffered a profound power vacuum, with a UN-backed 'unity' government being fiercely opposed by two previously elected rival governments, an a host of opportunistic militias. This absence of governance makes Libya fertile ground for criminal operations such as human trafficking and terrorism.

Many migrants have their passports seized and are rendered stateless. Men, women and children are raped, beaten and abused in unimaginable ways, often as 'payment' to board a boat to Europe. These vessels are almost always overcrowded, and not fit to cover the distance from Libya to Italy. Vessels apprehended at the Libyan coast are emptied and migrants are sent to poorly maintained Libyan detention centres, where many face infection, death or being sold into slavery. Africans are being sold and traded to the highest bidders to "work [their] debt off" (see video report on CNN website: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/14/africa/libya-migrant-auctions/index.html). These roles range from domestic chores to sex work. Sometimes after paying off their debts, the migrants are recaptured and sold again, with many dying in the process.

This situation has only been addressed sporadically over the last three years, failing to permeate the Western consciousness until relatively recently, via social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Documentaries, interviews and articles from CNN, Sky News and BBC provide insight into the horrific conditions faced by the migrants. In 2015, Amnesty International reported that an estimated 3 million refugees had fled Sub-Saharan Africa, due to natural and man-made disasters, violence and conflict (barriers of Life) in their nations of residence.


The Body of Christ is called to respond to the injustice and suffering out of the love of God for mankind. The barriers of Life are leading people into situations that facilitate their violation and, often, their deaths. We must first fight the battle in the spiritual realm (Eph 6:18), generating power and authority to exercise the dominion of God in the physical realm.


Prayer Strategy

- We pray for the restoration of the abused, breaking the arm of the wicked such that the captives are set free. (Isa 61:1, Isa 58:6, Ps 10:15)

- Pray for wisdom, boldness and courage for world leaders to speak out against and practically address these injustices (1 Tim 2:2).

- Pray for comfort, restoration and healing for those who have been affected by these atrocities (Rom 15:13, Ps 34:18).

- Pray for the saving of the souls of those being abused, that God would grant them hope even in a situation that seems hopeless. Pray that the Lord uses each soul to bring glory to his name and Kingdom.

- Break every generational curse of abuse, depression, trees of bitterness, anger, division, violence and shame that the enemy is trying to establish in the lives of the migrants as a result of this situation.

- Resist the spirit of abuse, depression, humiliation that the enemy attempts to establish in the hearts of the migrants. Command that this chain will be broken permanently in the name of Jesus.


Acid attacks in the UK have sharply increased over the past 12 months.

UK has more male-on-male acid attacks than any other country in the world - higher than India and Pakistan - and current figures are understood to be significant underestimates, as many victims do not report attacks due to fear of reprisals. 


London statistics for personal acid attacks

2015: 262 reported

2016: 458 reported

2017: (Jan-Apr) 114+ 

Almost a third of all acid attacks have occurred in Newham, East London (further detail on the nature of these attacks is included in Communique 6). A recent attack saw six people injured and three people taken to hospital after being sprayed with a "noxious substance" near Stratford Westfield Shopping Centre.



The love of man continues to grow cold in the UK, as young people are existing without understanding the sanctity of human life, founded upon the knowledge of God, and of their own identity in Him. Rom 1:28-32 speaks of those who, having rejected God in their hearts, are given over to a depraved mind, and devise new ways of doing evil. They are senseless, faithless, and without love or mercy. God's sentence against those who do these things is death.

Attacks on identity, the assumption of power to cause chaos in flesh, the supremacy of the attacker over the victim… all of these notions point to their origins in the heart of Satan, and his original intentions towards God and His beloved image in mankind. These attacks are not without design.


Prayer Strategy

- Command the permanent cessation of these attacks on the people of the UK; the will of Satan cannot prevail over this nation. Pray that the enemy's arms of power are broken, and their plans frustrated, so that these attackers cannot perform their enterprise (Job 5:12)

- Pray for the eyes of these attackers to be opened to Truth, that they may see the wickedness of their ways, depart from them and seek mercy before the Throne of God.

- Pray against the operations of the spirit of fear, which are strengthened by reports of attacks such as these. Pray that the people of the UK would not be governed by the spirit of fear, but by the Spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.



1. YouTube Islam endorsement videos

Short films of imams endorsing Islam as a religion of peace, quoting full portions of the Qur'an in Arabic, dissociating Islam from terrorist acts and preaching the message of Mohammed and Allah have emerged as non-clickable adverts on completely unrelated Youtube videos. These adverts do not link to external organisations or products, indicating that this is a move orchestrated by Youtube as a corporation. Other Youtube ads feature Muslim animators' attempts "to humanize Islam in the eyes of young people."

b a report published by Policy Exchange found that online jihadist propaganda attracts more clicks in the UK than in any other country in Europe. Britain is the fifth-biggest audience in the world for extremist content after Turkey, the US, Saudi Arabia and Iraq (https://policyexchange.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/The-New-Netwar-1.pdf).


Within Islam exists a principle known as taqqiya. This principle, as explained by Noah Feldman, an Islamic Law expert at Harvard Law School, makes provision for a Muslim to employ "dissimulation [concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character] when one is being oppressed…or having one's views banned", and still be found in right standing with Allah. 

At such a time as this, when atrocities are being carried out and the perpetrators hailed as martyrs in the name of Allah, the world looks towards Islam for the root ideologies of such acts. When the Qur'an advocates, in black and white, for the mass murder of all Christians, Jews and other such 'infidels' who do not bow the knee to Allah, while proponents of Islam continue to use the internet to advertise their deeds to those seeking glory in martyrdom for Allah, the principle of taqqiya encourages the concealment of the true ideologies motivating these acts, and gives Muslims the Allah-given permission to deny that Islam advocates for this at all, despite the fact that their sacred text spells this out in detail.

Thus we find the West being deceived into believing that Islam is a religion of peace and kindness, with no ill will toward anyone. Allah is willing to accept lies from the lips to preserve the flesh of his people; the deity of perfection in Islam is satisfied with sullied righteousness. The end of self-preservation justifies the means of denying the god who they believe created them. This is the picture of a deity imperfect in holiness, and thus imperfect, by definition.


Prayer Strategy

- Expose works of enemy, and unmask the deception of Islam for all to see

- Break arm of wicked over the media, that they would not perform their enterprise.

- Cause their words to return to them void, negate the covenants spoken over the land through their prayer and doctrine by the authority of the blood of Christ.


2. Islamic State Migration Attempts

Evidence suggests that as Islamic State loses ground in Syria and Iraq, the organization may be looking to establish a new base of operations in Europe; carrying out attacks serves as their means of advertising for recruitment; online propaganda videos are produced based on terrorist attacks and training videos, promising glory and honour in eternity for the bloodshed they cause.

Spain, once distracted by the infighting of separatists in the late nineties, became a strategic hub for al Qaeda's terrorist activities. It has now become the target of such terrorist activity, for two main reasons.

The first relates to Spain's less overt warfare against IS, waged through disrupting supply lines to the organization (see below), providing logistical aid and training to local Iraqi forces and tackling the radicalisation of young indigenous members of societies at home and abroad.

The second is based on Spain's historic stance as a territory regarded as central to the caliphate. According to an article on the issue in Business Standard, "At a spiritual level, Spain also holds a special place in IS mythology. Once a part of the Islamic empire, al-Andalus, as it is known in Arabic, is seen by many IS ideologues as a natural territorial part of the end-state caliphate, and is currently under direct occupation by infidels."

A report published in Foreign Policy reads: "The Islamic State views as a key battleground the territory it calls al-Andalus — the name given to a region of present-day southern Spain while it was under Moorish [ancient Muslim] rule until 1492. A 2016 Spanish Interior Ministry report noted that the numbers of messages on jihadi propaganda networks calling on volunteers to launch attacks on Spain and to "liberate" cities [from the control of the non-Muslim 'infidels'] such as Toledo, Cordoba, and Seville had doubled compared with previous years, also noting that the Islamic State had begun to translate its media material into Spanish."

IS believes itself to have a spiritual claim over southern Spain as a seat of government from ages past.

IS has managed to recruit fairly successfully in Spain, aided by the fluid links between Morocco — from where more than a thousand volunteers are estimated to have traveled to the battle zones in Iraq and Syria — and Spain, via Ceuta and Melilla, two small colonial vestiges on the southern side of the Strait of Gibraltar and Alboran Sea. According to Spain's Interior Ministry, more than 200 jihadi volunteers have traveled from Spanish territory to Syria and Iraq; around 20 are believed to have returned.



-  'Amaq' is ISIS' affiliated news agency (media outlet positioned to spread its propaganda)

- 'Dabiq' is ISIS' magazine publication. Dabiq is the name of a small town in northern Syria which Muslims believe will be the location of a great battle between Islam and Christianity, the occurrence of which they believe will signify the beginning of the end-times. For context and comparison with the Truth of Christ, compare the deception described here with the Truth in the Gospels and the Book of the Revelation: http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/religious-studies/?p=240

- Last year, Spanish authorities arrested several owners of businesses operating under the guise of humanitarian aid missions to the war-torn regions of Syria and Iraq. Their businesses, focusing on the importation of second-hand clothes, were instead found to be transporting military uniforms, combat equipment, electronics and transmission equipment, firearms, money and explosive device components.


Prayer Strategy

Destroy ISIS, ISIL and the ideologies that sustain them from the inside out.

- Decree the spiritual arrest of all who subscribe to these ideologies, by invoking the terror of the LORD upon them (Ex 15:16, Ps 35:3).

- Confuse their speech - disrupt their communication routes, silence their media output through Amaq, and across the internet; cause the falsehood in their belief systems to manifest itself in disagreements, division of their purposes and a great falling away of their faithful followers.

- Deplete their resources - cause the funding and resource facilitating their establishment to be exposed to the Son and dry up, as the earth belongs to God, and the fullness therein. Cause longstanding contracts to be withdrawn, cause mistrust, disagreement and repentance to arise amongst their allies such as the Saudi royals, UAE billionaires and indirectly, Western governments via oil contracts; dismantle their infrastructure and cause them to be a house divided against itself, that it would fall.

- Shut down the gates, the access points into Europe and thereby America, established through declaration of covenant and bloodshed. Submit the blood of Jesus as exceedingly superior testimony to that of the innocent blood shed.

- Arrest the flow of demonic Islamist ideologies from Iraq, Iran, Syria and the UAE into Europe. Established routes exist via Turkey and Morocco, both of which are territories that have been long contended for in the realm of the spirit by the Lord and Satan via Islam. Claim these nations for Christ, pleading for mercy for their people, and declare their gates and borders officially closed to the kingdom of darkness. Call upon the Lord of Hosts to dispatch His battalions to uphold these edicts of His Sons.

3. 'Jihadi jails'

- New initiative aims to separate extremist prison inmates from the general inmate population, segregating them into 28-man specialist units to prevent radicalisation across the wider prison system.



Inasmuch as this move can reduce the risk to the non-radicalised, being together in one place makes communications, access to resources and opportunities to strategise much easier to secure for those operating under the influence of Islam.


Prayer Strategy

- Send confusion into their midst. Divide their tongues and cause dissension to arise amongst them. Declare them to be a house divided against itself that cannot stand.

- Cause them to become unable to consolidate plans and strategy

- Pray for the Light of Christ to infiltrate these units and overcome the darkness, that inmates would meet Jesus and be saved. Pray for these units to become evangelistic hotspots for the Kingdom of God.



Pre-emptive Strike Targets:


Ramadan 2018

15th May - 14th June 2018 


Prayer Strategy

- These are the days that the LORD has made. Declare a season of increase, celebration, rejoicing and gladness in the Kingdom of the living God, with no sorrow added.

- Divide and condemn tongues where they gather to orchestrate the evil planned for these days. 

- Nullify the spiritual potential generated from prayer, fasting, rituals and sacrifices before, during and after these events. 

- Cause all words of darkness from these events to fall to the ground. Declare barrenness on their efforts and futility on their thoughts.

- Break the arm of wicked upholding the deception of Islam to its followers and the world. Frustrate their plans and expose their works. Command the liberation of the UK from this deception. 

- Plead that the Spirit of Truth would hover over the hearts of all participants in these celebrations, convicting them of sin, righteousness and judgment in accordance with the Word. May the light of God in the face of Jesus Christ illuminate the darkness, and make them free indeed.

- Call back the souls of men to encounter Love and thereby deplete the kingdom of darkness. Pray that eyes would be opened to the lies of the enemy, that hearts would be softened, and children would be restored to The Father by the Spirit of adoption.



LGBTQ interests continue to infiltrate all of the mountains of influence, with the narrative of the campaign becoming ever more aggressive, promoting the notion that it is no longer enough to merely tolerate LGBTQ lifestyles; you must now celebrate them, or risk being cast off or even punished for being "backward, traditionalist and anti-love". The hijacking of the rainbow in itself is a haughty mockery of God's promise never to destroy the earth by flood again. Corporations that formerly capitalised on LGBTQ Pride as a marketing opportunity are now invested ethically, promoting the values of the LGBTQ agenda with their products. Several corporations, including Tesco, Skittles and Magnum Ice Cream, have publically aligned themselves with this political movement to legitimise and promote LGBTQ interests in the UK.

Transport for London has moved to remove the "ladies and gentleman" phrase from their public announcements, "because the idea that people are male or female is offensive". Lobbyists are beginning to gain ground in demanding that 'X' represents a third option on British passports for those who identify as neither male nor female. Due to the pressure of the few, toilets in secondary schools are being redesigned to be "gender-neutral", forcing boys and girls to share bathroom facilities during a crucially formative developmental phase of life. The UK Government has even gone so far as to denounce the identification of pregnant women as women, calling for them instead to be called "pregnant people", out of consideration for pregnant transsexual people.


LGBTQ Superfunders and activists - Mr Tim Gill, a 63-year-old American software programming mogul, has recently voiced his intention to "punish the wicked" - those who oppose the LGBTQ agenda. This man has singlehandedly poured $422 million of his own fortune into funding the LGBTQ cause in every sphere of influence. He has given more to this cause than any other person in America (further detail in Communique 3). Likeminded 'Superfunders' meet regularly to strategise the implantation of the LGBTQ ethos into the collective social psyche, and global desensitisation to the depravity of sexual immorality, eventually culminating in not only acceptance, but praise of this way of living.


Attacks on the next generation

Entertainment: sexual content across visual media - objectifying the human form in young minds so as to distort their perspectives on self and others, inciting lust in minds not prepared to process or respond appropriately to it.


- Compulsory UK curriculum amendments expose children from 5 years old to gender fluidity, LGBTQ 'alternative' family structures and sexual consent.

- The Church of England released a statement claiming that children should be permitted to "play with the many cloaks of identity," by dressing up in tiaras and heels as a boy "without judgement, expectation or comment."

These strategies, at best, overlook the idea that children, having learned something, will act it out. At worst, they capitalize on this fact, initiating entire generations into false perspectives, decades of bondage to LGBTQ desires, as well as misplaced, premature and entirely unsafe sexual desires. Children stand to be robbed of their innocence, and to be fed with lies, having never consumed Truth.



The spiritual agenda of the enemy in the LGBTQ movement is to pervert God's perfect blueprint of sacred and inviolable personhood - the identities of man and woman, crafted in the image and likeness of God - and thereby, the fundamental relationships of marriage and family. The LGBTQ ethos is powered by the pride-filled assertion that God's design for human relationship is insufficient for the satisfaction of humankind; thus by extension, it concludes that God is not good enough. By launching concerted attacks against manhood and womanhood from childhood, the devil seeks to destabilise the basic building block of human community established by God from the very beginning, and so destroy God's creation from the ground up. Generations would grow with strong delusions around manhood, womanhood and relationships, rendering them unable to accurately distinguish good from evil, instead calling good evil and evil good. If family fails, religion has no context, education has no standard, government has no power, business and finance have no moral code and media, arts and entertainment have no vision.


Prayer Strategy

- Lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexualism and all other forms of sexual immorality are endorsed by spiritual powers, giving its proponents legitimacy and sway before the courts and throne of this land. Pray that these powers, the arm of the wicked, would be broken, and that their confidence would fail, so that the counsel of evil can no longer stand in this land (Ez 30:21-22, Job 38:15, Ps 10:15).

- Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. With Apostle Paul in mind, pray specifically for Mr Tim Gill, and all other kingpin LGBTQ activists and financiers - for God to break the spiritual arm of the wicked giving strength and authority to their activities. To silence and condemn their tongues in the spirit, and repeal their decrees over mankind.

- After this, pray that God would have mercy upon the human beings involved and reveal Himself to them, save them and use them as His own instruments to reach the LGBTQ community with Truth.

- Request that the schemes of darkness be laid bare for all to see; destroy their veils, that mankind would no longer walk in deception (Ez 13:14).

- Request of God a reformation in parenting, for a clear biblical strategy to emerge from the Body of Christ as the standard for godly parenting. Pray for riches of grace, wisdom and boldness for parents, to raise their children in the fear of the LORD.

- Request for inspiration for Godly content on behalf of the Body of Christ to engage spirits and souls. Call Kingdom Creatives to arise, and celebrate the Kingdom through media, arts and entertainment.

- Pull down the authorities of darkness occupying the heights of the mountain of education; call forth those in the Kingdom of God called to serve here, to implement Kingdom standards in educating children and young people with all wisdom and understanding.

- Pray for the Mountain of Education, that Christ would regain His rightful place in our classrooms and lecture theatres, and that the hearts of the educational authorities, including policy makers in government would be directed by the hand of God to promote Truth and divorce the falsehoods of gender fluidity, LGBTQ principles and extramarital sex.




As discussed in Communique 2, the major summer festivals were events targeted towards the youth of our nation, orchestrated for the worship in music and lifestyle of Baal and Ashteroth, the Canaanite deities of the sun and fertility. Recent news reports have exposed the sexual immorality which has come to characterise the majority of these festivals, which corresponds with the temple prostitution and sexual rites evident in scripture and substantiated by countless archaeological finds; this perversion of God's gift to be shared by husband and wife is an another channel of demonic worship and covenant establishment. Sweden's largest summer festival, Bravalla, has been cancelled for 2018 due to 4 incidents of rape and 23 sexual assaults at this year's event just last weekend. A schedule for the UK's major summer events can be found here, covering most weekends up until September: https://www.thefestivalcalenda...


- Thousands upon thousands of people have unwittingly entered into binding contracts with the kingdom of darkness to release death and violence into the land (please see Communique 2 for further insight). The contracts established during idolatrous ceremonies such as those at Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice are celebrated and consummated in worship at the UK Summer Festivals. The intention, as stated in Ezekiel 8, is to release violence into the land, resulting in perversion and destruction of God's creation, and establishment of the reign of darkness in the UK.

- These festivals and convocations are designed to generate both authority (the legal grounds to act) and power (the wherewithal to act) for Satan and his emissaries to execute the agenda of the kingdom of darkness concerning the UK in the land. All around, negotiations are occurring for authority to change hands; the Kingdom of darkness desires those authorities.


Prayer Strategy

- Shut down the altars and access points of darkness in the UK, and annul the sacrifices of the enemy with the blood of Jesus. Command their systems to fail continually and their structures to be destroyed.

- Cause their proclamations of violence, death and destruction over the land to be silenced and bound up.

- Confuse the speech and divide the tongues of the wicked. Cause dissension to arise among them, and strife to paralyse their efforts. Declare them to be a house divided against itself, that it may not stand (Mark 3:25).

- Ask for the curses proclaimed over the UK to be turned into blessings for the sake of God's people.

- Cancel and bind up the covenants made by loose lips through false worship in song and deed in the UK, by the power of Christ's sacrificial covenant.

- Request mercy for the people of the UK, for those who have given themselves over to the enemy's use knowingly or unknowingly.

- Speak to the spirits of men in the UK and, in the spirit of Elijah, call them back to the Father.

- Pray for the mindsets of people both within and without the UK to become attuned and aligned to Truth, bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.



Preemptive Strike Targets:


"Midwinter has been recognised as a significant turning point in the yearly cycle since the late Stone Age. The ancient megalithic sites of Newgrange and Stonehenge, carefully aligned with the solstice sunrise and sunset, exemplify this. The reversal of the sun's ebbing presence in the sky symbolizes the rebirth of the solar god [i.e. Baal] and presages the return of fertile seasons. From Germanic to Roman tradition, this is the most important time of celebration… Practices vary, but sacrifices, feasting, and gift giving are common elements of Midwinter festivities." (Wikipedia, Pagan Festivals)


SUMMER SOLSTICE 2018: 21st June 2018

 See "Wheel of the Year" for further detail on regular pagan/wiccan festivals: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_of_the_Year


Prayer Strategy

- Follow the Seasonal Festivals Prayer Strategy above

- Break arm of wicked, divide their tongues and send organisers of ceremonies and revellings into confusion.

- Pray for the redirection and salvation of every soul that Satan is banking on coming.

- Order people's steps away from idolatrous revelry and into local gatherings of the body of Christ; cause hearts to be made flesh and turned toward Truth.

- Silence all blood shed in sacrifice toward these festivals, and annul every offering made, by the blood of Jesus, which speaks better things than the blood of Abel.

- Silence decrees of Hell over people of the UK, deem all pending contracts with darkness null and void in light of Christ's covenantal blood over the UK as the land that we have requested of Him.    




Tensions between North Korea and the USA have been brewing since the Korean War (1950-1953), after North Korea became a dictatorship and invaded South Korea with the help of the Soviet Union and China, desiring to arm itself with nuclear weapons as a defence against South Korea and the outside world. USA allied with South Korea to resist the insurgence from the North, and the resulting war was only brought to an end by armistice; a peace treaty was never signed and so North and South Korea are still technically at war.

In recent times, strain between North Korea and the US has been steadily increasing due to North Korea's refusal to suspend its nuclear weapons program; its repeated nuclear weapon tests, purported miniaturisation of nuclear warheads and development of long-range missiles allegedly capable of reaching the critical US Air Force base in Guam have demonstrated at the seriousness of North Korea's threats towards America, and have led to President Trump threatening the nation last week, with "fire and fury like the world has never seen". Donald Trump's inflammatory comments have had to be dismissed by his own cabinet to the outside world. 

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, who was quoted by the state news agency KCNA, later said: "Our final goal is to establish the equilibrium of real force with the US, and make the US rulers dare not talk about military option." North Korea's Foreign Minister, Ri Yong Ho, declared that Trump has lit "the fuse of war" against North Korea, stating that "our entire people insistently demand that final scores be settled with the Americans only with a hail of fire, and not with words."



Nuclear war between North Korea and America has global consequences. Loss of life, economic and political upheaval would destabilise nations, all feeding into the enemy's agenda for chaos, death and destruction. It is notable that the last major Christian revival began in 1906, a few years before the First World War broke out, during which many believers, young and old, lost their lives. One of the responses to a move of God in the earth tends to be war and rumours of war, in an effort to remove the vessels which carry God's light from the face of the earth.

One of the responses to a move of God in the earth tends to be war and rumours of war, in an effort to remove the vessels that carry God's light from the face of the earth. Satan, by reason of experience, has learned that the violence of war is one of the most effective means of depleting Heaven's resource on earth, by dispatching human life in the millions. No other weapon of darkness has been as effective at wiping out entire human civilisations and cultures than war. By removing a generation of men of faith during the 1940's through the Second World War, society found itself in a new age of 'spiritual reawakening' in the form of the lawlessness, lasciviousness and rebellion of the 1960s and 1970s; war-born children raised without paternal instruction or visible societal example in the faith were set with the task of growing up to inherit and engage with a society not framed or influenced by the Christian voices that shaped the pre-War societal conscience. In their post-Truth climate, sexual immorality, open divination and witchcraft and feminism became the strap-lines of their time, and mainstream culture was turned on its head. Such was the design of the enemy.


Prayer Strategy

- Plead for God's mercy and protection over the nations for His people's sake.

- Repeal the plans of Satan for nuclear catastrophe and wars across the nations.

- Pray for Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin; pray that the enemy would not be permitted to further incense their hearts toward one another, and pray for God to reach them with Truth. If they reject it, pray for their swift removal from positions of influence for the sake of God's people.

- If it is God's will for war to ensue, pray for His will to be established in the earth in spite of it; that His Gospel is preached throughout the nations, and that His disciples are preserved, and would even multiply in number and power despite the tribulation.



1. Standing against Islam in the UK - the seduction of religion, the principle of retaliation, and the manipulation of information by the media; and addressing UK political links with Saudi Arabia (covered in detail in Communiques 1 and 6).

2. Destroying plans for miscellaneous bloodshed in the UK, and cancelling the power for evil generated by such bloodshed (covered in Communique 3). 

3. Continued petition for UK Government policy to align with the Truth of God's Word.

4. Praying for Theresa May as our leader, and for smooth and favourable Brexit negotiations for the sake of the Kingdom of God in the UK.

5. Praying God's will concerning the seven mountains of influence in our society - Family; Religion; Education; Government; Business and Finance; Media and Arts, Sports & Entertainment.



       God's Kingdom come and His will be done in Britain, bringing:


       - Righteousness (truth, equity, justice according to God's principles) 

       - Peace (reconciliation with the principles, heart's desires and will of our heavenly Father) and 

       - Joy (spiritual and social fulfilment of the nations in their redemptive purpose)




       - To bind up and repeal the satanic contracts established over the people in this land that allow Satan to do his own will in the nations; this involves cancelling every covenant made - with or without blood - that gives him access into the human life and experience.

       - Praying against the demonic operations monopolising the Media with lies and manipulating the hearts of men with deception.

       - Binding up the enemy's operations of death, fear, chaos, violence, anarchy, strife and confusion amidst the people of the UK.




1.    Kingdom of darkness

       - Legally reclaim the UK from the enemy by asking God for the peoples of the UK as Christ's inheritance (Ps 2:8). This makes the UK our legal jurisdiction, and enables us to declare the activity of the gates of Hell in the UK illegal.

       - Frustrate the strategy of the kingdom of darkness in the realm of the spirit.

       - Delegitimise the grounds for the spirit and principle of retaliation both within and without the UK (see Communique 1 for further points on this).

       - Shut down the altars and access points of darkness in the UK, and annul the sacrifices of the enemy with the blood of Jesus. Command their systems to fail continually and their structures to be destroyed.

       - Cause their proclamations of violence, death and destruction over the land to be silenced and bound up.

       - Confuse the speech and divide the tongues of the wicked. Cause dissension to arise among them, and strife to paralyse their efforts. Declare them to be a house divided against itself, that it may not stand (Mark 3:25).

       - Ask for the curses proclaimed over the UK to be turned into blessings for the sake of God's people.

       - Cancel and bind up the covenants made by loose lips through false worship in song and deed in the UK, by the power of Christ's sacrificial covenant.

       - Cancel and bind up the covenants made through accidental and intentional bloodshed in the UK. Wipe out all satanic potential generated through bloodshed, and command the blood not to speak. The Blood of Jesus speaks better things than that of Abel. Speak against bloodshed in the UK, that it will not bind the land in covenants with darkness, but will instead return the vengeance of God upon the satanic systems.

       - Retrieve those souls legally bound by Satan based on Isaiah 49:24-25. Empty the coffers of the enemy; retrieve God's wealth (souls and resources) stolen by Satan according to Prov 13:22 and Ps 24:1.

       - Lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexualism and all other forms of sexual immorality are endorsed by spiritual powers, giving its proponents legitimacy and sway before the courts and throne of this land. Pray that these powers, the arm of the wicked, would be broken, and that their confidence would fail, so that the counsel of evil can no longer stand in this land (Ez 30:21-22, Job 38:15, Ps 10:15).

       - Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. With Apostle Paul in mind, pray specifically for Mr Tim Gill, and all other kingpin LGBTQ activists and financiers - for God to break the spiritual arm of the wicked giving strength and authority to their activities. To silence their tongues in the spirit and repeal their decrees over mankind.

       After this, pray that God would have mercy upon the human beings involved and reveal Himself to them, save them and use them as His own instruments to reach the LGBTQ community with Truth.

       - Request that the schemes of darkness be laid bare for all to see; destroy their veils, that mankind would no longer walk in deception (Ez 13:14)


       2. People

       - Request mercy for the people of the UK, for those who have given themselves over to the enemy's use knowingly or unknowingly.

       - Speak to the spirits of men in the UK and, in the spirit of Elijah, call them back to the Father.

       - Pray for the mindsets of people both within and without the UK to become attuned and aligned to Truth, bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

       - Decree enlightenment to the people of the UK. Pray for their eyes to be opened, that God would be hallowed once more and that the designs of the enemy would be revealed to them, so that they would not be deceived and align themselves with the beliefs of those opposing the will of God in this land, in the name of "compassion for the persecuted/marginalised". This pertains to both LGBTQ and Muslim agendas.

       - Intercede for the protection of people in the UK, that none would perish, but all would come to the knowledge of Truth, according to the will of God.

       - Pray for God's perfect will concerning the UK to be brought to full manifestation.


       3. Kingdom of God

       - Pray for the body of Christ to come together in spirit and truth; that believers will begin to gather to do life together as citizens of God's Kingdom, and shine His light into the World.

       - Pray for fresh fire of fervency to constantly fill the bones of the people of God; that zeal for His House would overtake us, and move us into ardent obedience to His Spirit, as true Sons of God.

       - Pray that members of the Body who are of like purpose would begin to aggregate, and function in their calling, for the advancement of the Kingdom.

       - Request boldness and wisdom for the people of God, to war effectively on every level of engagement.

       - Request for God to raise Daniels and Esthers from among us to represent Him in the nation and rule in righteousness. Pray for the establishment of Kingdom activists and financiers with revelations of divine solutions to national issues - institutional injustices, crime, homelessness, social inequality etc.


       4. World Systems/Mountains of Influence

       - God's purposes will not be frustrated in the UK. Pray for the seven spheres of influence to be sanctified at this time, particularly the Media and the Government.

       - Pray for the Mountain of Media and rebuke the prince of the power of the air(waves); command him to cease from his deceptive operations (be specific).

       - Pray for the Mountain of Government, that the politicians be given boldness to seek, speak and uphold the Truth at all times.

       - Pray for the Mountain of Education, that Christ would regain His rightful place in our classrooms and lecture theatres, and that the hearts of the educational authorities, including policy makers in government would be directed by the hand of God to promote Truth and divorce the falsehoods of gender autonomy and pan-religious ecumenism.

       - Pray for public conscience to also be attuned to truth, and pray to put pressure on the political system and media to be truthful and righteous.



1.     Let's PRAY and MEDITATE every day this week on these matters; praying ahead of the specific Islamic events, Solstices, Summer Festivals and Pride celebrations will directly effect the shutdown of the enemy's operations.

2.     Do FEED BACK any thoughts, ideas or revelations whilst we pray into this. God responds even before we speak, so let's be attentive (Isa 65:24).

3.    Let's SPREAD this through our networks of praying believers, making more power available (Jam 5:16b, Deut 32:30, Lev 26:8).


May the grace and strength of Our King be multiplied to you, as we war together in the heavenlies, in the authority of Christ.

Author: Eugene Ajayi

Posted: Monday, 19th June 2017